NFT Projects

There are over 100 NFT projects these days. Feel free to discuss your favorite projects here such as Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity, Etheremon, God Unchained and so on! Share some project updates, what do you like or dislike about each project, some ideas to improve the gameplay of these projects or just plain ol’ NFT speculation!


The Marketplace category over here can be used to showcase your NFT and offer them for sale. Do use WTB and WTS acronyms to represent “Want to Buy” and “Want to Sell”.


Feel free to talk about anything that is non-sexual or hateful in this Off-Topic category. What you’ve had for lunch, what you did for the weekends or what your dog did your homework. All welcomed!


This is a category to discuss technical items regarding NFT implementations. Feel free to geek out about ERC-721, ERC-1155 or any other technical NFT specifications on other blockchains as well. We would love to see this forum being used to improve the growth of NFT.