1000 wrapped cryptokitties and 10 awesome Fancies as prizes for the Arena Champions in KotoWars



Hey Purriors!

The KotoWars Arena Season 10 has started a few days ago!
This season CryptoKitties added 1000 WCK and 10 cool fancies to the prize pool. You can find them at the leaderboard page:

Invite your friends, join Furry Brawls or find opponents on KotoWars and CryptoKitties discord servers
Play at least 5 calibration games to join the leaderboard

Here you can find the latest guide about KotoWars mechanics

The Season will end 17.11.19 at 23:59 UTC (04:00 pm PDT)


New post about latest updates and season


And KotoWars land in Cryptovoxels
https://www.cryptovoxels.com/[email protected],1U,264S