9 Lives Arena Closed Alpha Testing



999 slots allotted for those who want to get into the game early


Will you be playing it yourself?


Yep I plan to. You have to buy a founders pack which I’ve yet to do.

Looks like they plan to do a couple of months of alpha testing.


To be honest, I’m quite skeptical when it comes to supporting all these games with founder packs, they’re not exactly cheap and … it’s kind of like the ICO times again with all these founder packs, albeit at a much slower pace. A little too gamble-heavy for my liking!


Devs usually try to sweeten the pot so players get attracted but I do get what you’re saying.

Can’t deny these founders items may have value in the future though.


For sure, many devs work hard to get these stuffs look legit and while many of them do look really good, I’m still somewhat skeptical after seeing so many scams and stuff (no offense to any of the devs in this space!)

Granted, it probably takes a lot more effort to do vs. regular ICOs back then so scammers are probably not as rampant here :smiley:

Also, I agree that founders items are always neat :heart:


That’s one of the upsides to the bear market that happened recently. It weeded out most of the scams and sh*tcoins. Now we’re left with projects who have real use cases and tech. Like blockchain gaming :slight_smile:

I digress…