A new Enjin based First Person Tower Defence + VR!



A Turret’s Life is a single-player first person tower defense game for PC and VR currently under development, where the player takes control of an automated sentry turret to defend the facility against endless waves of attacking robots. The player gains resources which they use to customize their turret and even concoct crazy bullet designs of their wildest dreams; better yet, all of the game items are backed by cryptocurrency meaning players can trade or sell these items for actual value.

Initial looks are awesome, this game will be worth checking out imho :smiley:


Man, I love this idea. You become the TOWER?! in a TD game? Hooooo. Love it! Gonna keep an eye on it for sure. Thanks for the recommendation :smile:

Any idea when they’ll be releasing the game? Didn’t catch anything like that at first glance on their website.


it reminds me the Containment Corps idea somehow ^^
thanks for the share, i’ll keep an eye on this one (too)


Tower defenses!!! My childhood games are finally making it into crypto
I’m so touched :sob: Thank you Enjin


Love tower defense games too. Can’t wait for this game and Containment Corps’s Enjin integration.

I can just imagine perpetually powering up your turret to take on the endless stage.

Thank you for making this possible Enjin


Trying to imagine Tower Defense that is buildable on Decentraland and the enemy armies are cryptokitties, Axies and Etheremons

And the war scene is captured and stored in MarbleCards :star_struck:

The pieces of how every NFT can work together to create an amazing flexible ever changing gaming environment is coming real


Trying to imagine Tower Defense that is buildable on Decentraland and the enemy armies are cryptokitties, Axies and Etheremons

Haha! I’d love to see that.


What an absolute mad lad with brilliant ideas


Really looking forward to this projects. Yes totally a great idea!


Hey guys,

A user in the game’s telegram channel posted the link here, it is so inspiring to see your enthusiasm for the project! I did imagine the attacking enemies as the crypto kitties haha. But that did give me an interesting idea of the players being able to also make the enemies with Enjin backed modules and have contests or something to see who can make the strongest enemy… lots of possibilities :heart_eyes:

I have some fond memories of playing tower defense games during computer class in middle school haha. They were always so addicting, trying to beat your last wave. Who else slacked off in school to play them?


Yassss tower defense during computer class was definitely the thing back then, good ol’ days :relieved:


reminds me of warcraft mod games


Yes please implement that. Strongest enemy vs strongest turret. That would be awesome! @KristetraStudios


Yea warcraft really revolutionized a lot of classic game ideas. It shows what people are capable of creating when given the opportunity


Another fun idea is that you could create a custom roster of enemies to defend against. I guess if you only chose weak enemies the maximum reward you’d get would be small to compensate, and vice versa.


Reading this thread sure does bring those good old memories back, are you one of the developers for A Turret’s Life by any chance?


haha I am indeed :slight_smile:


Have an estimated time of release? Just curious coz I wanna play your game :slight_smile:


Haha me too :joy:! Oh boy, it’s hard to say. I’m working on the project part-time so that complicates things. I am hoping to have something playable with the core features within six months, then after that just keep adding in features with live ops.Something along these lines


ME! I skipped school back then just to go to cyber cafes to play lol. Then I got caught a got a good ass whooping from my mum. :joy:

Afterwards I no longer skip school to play TD games, Dota became the hot stuff and so I skipped for Dota instead.

Would love to relive those TD times. Good times!