A new Enjin based First Person Tower Defence + VR!



u’re working on it alone?


I hope I didn’t put undue pressure on you. Lol. Keep on doing what you’re doing. We’ll wait patiently for your game. Good luck with development :slight_smile:


Haha a healthy bit of pressure is good :wink:

@ Cookies_cakes When I was in school we could also play the web games at the computer lab at lunch time (if the teacher did not see). Dota was well after my school years… and now I feel old :roll_eyes:

@ JohnSnow Yep, at the moment it is just me developing it but I am hoping to find some others later on, for art and marketing. (awesome username btw )


TD’s still up in the arcade of Dota 2 just that it destroys my computer entirely and I play a screenshot game at 10 FPS :rofl:


Ug I know your low fps pain! You desperately want to play the game so you keep stubbornly slugging away at it filled with a glimmer of hope that somehow the fps will get better, but then it pauses for a second and you’re dead… there goes an hours progress lol.


By the way guys, if you are interested, you can see the weekly dev blog at https://scorum.com/en-us/profile/@kristetra-studio


Hey Buddy! I’m a little late at responding but I’ve read a few of your blog posts and I like it! Thank you for detailing the problems you’re facing. It’s an interesting read.

It sort of reminds me of an article my friend shared with me, it was about how the EVE developers solved some lag related problems specific to some of their units. They described their solution with pseudocodes and whatnot, was pretty cool.

Anyhow, keep up the good work! I hope to be able to chat with you a bit more here. @DKimura seems to be promoting your game for you too :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha! I’m just a sucker for TD games. Loving Containment Corps too.

I just realized why I like using Torbjorn in Overwatch :smiley:


Thanks! It means a lot to me that you are going through and reading them:joy:.I’m trying to keep them interesting on the technical side without getting too much into the nitty gritty jargon and all that.

@DKimura Awesome to hear! I’ve always liked the hybrid games like that; did you ever play the old Half-Life 2 mods Iron Grip, or Natural Selection?

Crossworld : a Tower Defence on EOS

No I didn’t get to play those mods.

I looked them up now and I’m interested :smiley:


Natural Selection was created into a full game now on Steam. Iron Grip was revolutionary in some of its design but did not take hold ultimately. I’m not sure how many players are left for it. They also tried to make it into a game afterwards.


Thanks for the info. I’ll look up Natural Selection on Steam :slight_smile: