Any rare Axies to recommend or sell?



Looking to collect some really rare and well designed Axies


Hey there, please check our collectors guide to understand the market:

Happy collecting!

Our discord community will also be more than happy to help!


Go to Opensea, look for Origin Axies and typically people value lower # ones more too. Like a 3-digit Axie could be a worthwhile investment right now :slight_smile:


In that case, you should probably put your interest in the Mystic Axies market (

“Mystic parts are special body parts that are only found in some of the Origin Axies. These parts will never be created again and cannot be inherited.”

To see how much Axie data in terms of mystical parts (and parts in general) are in this tool:


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Besides all the resources recommended here you should check the Axie community in discord:

I also have a nice mystic and an awesome origin to sell if you’re interested: