Anyone tried kotowars?



Glad that kotowars is based on cryptokitties, it seems like just another battle game using cryptokitties. Anyone tried it b4?


No not really, is it fun? I’ve a few kitties that I bought for fun a while back but never thought to do anything with it.


Interesting project, There’s actually some other kitty verse games you guys might be interested at


Lets breed our kitties! They will definitely look cute like the both of us


Oh, I didn’t see that topic before. :sweat_smile:
KotoWars is a game fully based on CryptoKitties NFTs. We use them as characters, as warriors, as specialists or even as some spells.
All parameters are depend on cryptokitties cattributes, so you can buy or breed necessary kitties.

For now KotoWars is in Alpha, but you can already play Stitches Invasion campaign to test the mechanics and win cryptokitties which we give out biweekly

Even though Kotowars requires 33 kitties, you can start playing even if you have just one.
You can not use any non-normal kitties, including fancies, special editions, exclusives and purrstige kitties.
Also, I hope there will be major updates in KW soon :wink:


Are you the founder or developer of KotoWars?


:cat: Yes, I’m one of the founders and a developer of KotoWars
Also, I’m making - a news site about cryptokitties
and I am producting a bit - 3d party tool for cryptokitty players

For more then a year my life is full of kitties :heart_eyes_cat:


What kind of updates? Any sneak peak?


We are redesigning interface for future functionality and multiplayer is on the final stage. Every two weeks I write a post about updates at our medium blog
And I plan to write about it in days with leek screenshots :wink:


Yes please, haha, can’t wait to try it out
Lemme know when it is done


its unbelievable that the guy behind kittyhelper is here. Nice to meet you man


Oh, the main developer of is NickG#0650. I just motivate him, clarify some mathematical questions and describe how and what should be offered to users


You can already try the current version. Six seasons have gone great ,)


Have to download? Can’t i play it on web?


Yes, you need to download the game client for Windows/MacOS or Android.
Also, you need to prove ownership of the wallet via assigning an address with your account, so we can display exactly your kittens. :cat:


Any plans of developing a web version instead? I’m the kind that prefer not to have any apps installed


Yes we are thinking about it. For now the main purpose is to make a stable gameplay and allow players to interact not only with their kitties but other players. Then we plan to make some researches around the players’ wishes.
There are some directions to go to. Mobiles, Web or same single PVE campaigns as current Stitches Invasion. There is a difference in developing the code of these directions.


I wrote a post anout new season with some leaks to the new design :wink:


In season 9 we added nearly all specialists to the multiplayer mode that was added in season 8 :cat:


Thanks for the update man, when is KotoWards gonna go live?