Anyone tried kotowars?



Hi, in fact, Iā€™m thinking about the game as about live project. :cat:
Players already can play simple PvE mode and earn cryptokitties and KAT as awards. And now we added multiplayer :wink:

Our medium blog describes the step-by-step process of development, and in the latest post, I mentioned that Season 9 will be one of the turning points, where we will start to gather all KotoWars mechanics together.
I think after adding economy, progression, rankings, and redesign we will put our items on blockchain, award the KAT holders and declare the start of the KW beta. :wink:
And it will be the time of the balancing and the addition of the new content like more specialists and the magic system. Iā€™m not thinking about KW as about cybersport tcg, it should be a fun pastime for kitties owners and the way to show off their kitties.
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Awesome to hear that, let me go buy some exotic kitties and try it out.

Do you have a community like discord or telegram?