Anyone tried kotowars?



Hi, in fact, I’m thinking about the game as about live project. :cat:
Players already can play simple PvE mode and earn cryptokitties and KAT as awards. And now we added multiplayer :wink:

Our medium blog describes the step-by-step process of development, and in the latest post, I mentioned that Season 9 will be one of the turning points, where we will start to gather all KotoWars mechanics together.
I think after adding economy, progression, rankings, and redesign we will put our items on blockchain, award the KAT holders and declare the start of the KW beta. :wink:
And it will be the time of the balancing and the addition of the new content like more specialists and the magic system. I’m not thinking about KW as about cybersport tcg, it should be a fun pastime for kitties owners and the way to show off their kitties.
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Awesome to hear that, let me go buy some exotic kitties and try it out.

Do you have a community like discord or telegram?


@Gmugr Kotowars is mentioned in this guide:


Thanks :slight_smile: I think the part with games is a bit outdated :slight_smile: Looks like KB and Kittyhats projects are not supported :frowning:


Also, we are in KotoWars are testing multiplayer and are tuning it. :cat:
Come to test Kotowars Arena every Saturday at 01 PM PDT (08 PM UTC). We hold small events during which we gather together with the community in Discord and play few games.


multiplayers? How will that work


This is an old video of our Arena. I plan to make a new video with Specialists and Magic system.


Looks really cool!
Currently only available using cryptokitties? What about other ERC721 NFTs?


Thanks! To play the game you need to have at least one cryptokitty to be the Champion.

And we position the game more as “playing with cryptokitties” than “playing using cryptokitties
For the second case I can sent to Mythereum game, they use kitties and plan to add more NFTs but the problem would be with balancing parameters.

CryptoKitties are very cool for interoperability because they have a lot of scarcity/collections parameters. So Mythereum uses Kitties generation, cooldown and rarest cattributes. Its not so easy to add other nfts and achieve the same variety and then balance it.

We use cattributes from two trait groups for elements and stats. And a combination of cattributes (recipe) for specialists. We do not allow playing with Fancies atm. And we want to achieve the situation when every even the cheapest kitty can be useful as a fighter in the game :slight_smile:

How Kotowars interprets cryptokitties


I think what John meant was is there a potential of playing using other NFTs that he have such as Etheremon or Axies?


I don’t exclude this possibility in the far future, but for now this is the game to play with cryptokitties :cat:


We added Dapper Verification to our accounts, so we can use it in the future ranked pvp to exclude bots and multi-accs

Also now the developers can check the “verified” property of the account they received via KW OAuth to see whether the account is verified or not.