Battle Racers : A race in Decentraland



hello !

Recently I participated to the closed beta of Battle Racers, a game build on Decentraland. I recorded a video to share to everyone, here’s a look at the gameplay :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope to see it on mobile one day…
as you can see the gameplay is very simple for now, but imagine : every piece of the car is a NFT.
That means you can build super cars when you have enough parts to do it !

I’m don’t know the full game release, but you will be able to participate in the presale in few days.
If you like this kind of game don’t hesistate to use my reflink =^^=


Looks great, but i do not see the connection with Decentraland?


well, every races will be build on the Decentraland universe… so I hope we will earn mana for winning the races ^^


How does the games work? Do the cars automatically run?


Indeed !
When the race starts, all you have to do is to choose the right moment to use your skills.

The big part of the gameplay relies on the preparation before the race : which car will you choose, which skills (short or long defense, quick or long missile, quick or long trap, speed boost), which race.

If they open another beta session i’ll post it around :slight_smile:


I was hoping that i could fully control the race tho, would be more fun to race that way


So it’s a matter of setting up and choosing the right assets/skills.

Yes please post it if there’s an open beta or demo.


how much land do you have to own to lay down those tracks


I would imagine its alot?
I would love to have my own collection of cars as well


They answered this question on discord but I can’t remember … but that was quite a lot.


10 lands is equivalent to approx $100,000, seems like a very high barrier of entry for normal guys


there’s a misunderstand I think :slight_smile:

you don’t have to buy land to play this game, the tracks are already set by the dev.


right, so only need to purchase the cars and race, that makes more sense
Haha, i’m thinking the track is the entire of decentraland and we can race through houses and all kinds of different routes


Haha! That would be awesome. Racing around the city ala decentralized Midnight Club. Lol


decentralized Midnight Club sounds extra cool.


That would be the freakin dream :smiley: