Best Area to buy in Decentraland



Which is the best area to buy and invest for Decentraland?

This area around the Genesis Plaza seems to fetch the highest price at the moment but it does not make sense for me to buy it now at this price point.

Seems like lands to the most right of Dragon Kingdom is fetching the lowest prices at the moment, but the location is like to the most far right side of the map, is it worth the price?

Fellow senpais please advice


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Found this killer tool to filter and look for interesting locations


Any location that you think its interesting to look into?
Price is not really an issue here


Zero parcels away from any attraction is going to command a premium especially when there are multiple roads or such. Would go with best deal and closest proximity to an attraction.


DCLBlogger does a monthly market analysis on LAND in decentraland, worth following if you are interested in LAND market