Black Friday in October? YAS! × OpenSea Special Auction Starts NOW!



From October 17 to October 28, you can expect to find all sorts of exciting and hard to get items from popular dapps like Axie Infinity, CryptoMotors, KnownOrigin, and 0xUniverse. The auction won’t be your traditional auction but with DAPPT — which means you will be able to use DAPPT to buy your favorite NFT for the first time!

Now you can buy and bid on all sort of hard to get NFTs from:

:blowfish:Axie Infinity: Fluffy digital pet where players can battle

:racing_car:CryptoMotors: Gorgeous cars with unique car body paint

:art:KnownOrigin: Time to own a rare art piece on the blockchain

:earth_africa:0xUniverse: Want to rule the EtherVerse?

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