Blockchain Games 2019 Release


Can’t wait to ply them all


Quite a number of games in the list that is new to me, like Taurion, Forest Knight, Cats in Mechs and Blankos.

Cats in Mechs and Forest Knight seems interesting to me


Forest Knight is being made by one guy. I’m looking forward to Cats in Mechs too. Looks like hours of single player fun.


Forest Knight wholly developed by one guy?
All that designs and gameplay by one guy is freaking amazing


Yeah dude. Freaking amazing. That Six Dragons game was made by one guy too. Don’t you feel inadequate? Lol

Wish I had their skills.


Haha, it would take me 100 years of learning to reach that level man, that’s like god level


Let’s just appreciate the games and play them. Lol