Buying Axies+LAND



I’m working on a system to buy up any Axies or Decentraland LAND you’re looking to sell. Check it out here:

In a nutshell, submit items that you’re looking to sell and we’ll get back to you within 24 hrs with a quote.

We’re starting with Axies+LAND because those are markets we know and participate in right now, but looking to expand into some others soon!


So who will be the buyer?


Great idea there man, but 2 question, first is why would i need to wait for 24 hours when i can go to any marketplace and sell within seconds?
Secondly would be the same as @Goorbun who will be the buyer and how could i be sure that the person would not scam me of my NFT and not pay me my ETH?


right now just me. could potentially open up to other buyers in the future!


Good questions!

  1. if you can find someone to sell to on the marketplace, i suppose this service doesn’t make sense. do you have any items that have been hard to sell that you’re trying to get rid of? it’s actually good for me to know if this isn’t the case :slight_smile:
  2. as mentioned above, i’m the counterparty. I’ll use boxswap, so we can do a trustless swap that happens atomically. so neither of us could ‘run away’ in that sense


Right, this would be the use case for NFTs that are priced ridiculously i suppose

Really glad to hear that you will be using BoxSwap, they are one fo the best swapping guys in NFT space at the moment.

But then again i would think that 24 hours is still too long of a turnover time for 21st century and the crypto space, 15min is sort of the more acceptable time frame


Can sell them Axies and Decentraland LANDs to me
I’m collecting all these assets that could not be sold to the marketplace if only i’m offered at a discounted price


Good to hear that feedback on 24hrs. We’ll work to reduce that.