Categorizing NFT projects



Collectible & Trading Games

Cryptokitties — Yes, yes yes. The ‘original’ NFT blockchain game. But it belongs on this list! Buy, breed, and trade digital cats.

Etheremon — Strike out and capture, train, sell, and trade unique digital creatures known as “Mons.”

PlasmaBears — Build, sell, and trade digital bears. Send them on adventures to discover valuable, wearable (and tradeable) assets.

0x Universe — Build a spaceship and explore the galaxy. Colonize planets and sell resources to continue your cosmic mission.

Neon District—A multi-platform game ith item-first dynamic in which the player’s assets gain value through gameplay by adding specialized equipment, taking on special abilities, and adding character specific enhancements.

Battling Games

Chibi Fighters — Collect, trade, and battle digital warriors on the battlefield. Collect weapons and assets to trade as well.

Hyperdragons — Collect, breed, train, trade, and battle unique digital dragons on the blockchain.

MyCryptoHeroes — Collect, train and battle historical figures…all without worrying about gas fees.

Axie Infinity — Collect, raise, and battle unique digital fantasy creatures.

Gods Unchained — A ‘head honcho’ in the NFT gaming space. A card trading game with tournaments and rewards.

Blockchain Cuties — Breed, raise, battle, and outfit your creatures. Not so cute when you get them in the ring.

World of Ether — Discover, breed, and pitch digital creates against one another on the blockchain. Keep searching for a legendary monster.

Strategy Games

Decentraland — Claim your NFT-based plot of land in this VR world and prepare to build and trade assets.

CryptoAssault — Command armies in a 3D world. Capture territory, mine resources, and battle opponents.

CryptoBaseball — Collect tokens that represent real baseball players and build your team to best reflect real-world performance.

Zombie Battleground— A strategic, adrenaline-pumping, loot-filled, trading card game.

Artwork Trading

SuperRare — Buy, sell, and trade verifiably-unique digital art.

CryptoSketches — Create, buy, and sell vector images.


Then there are the projects where one can design and mint their custom tokens. And I know only Enjin Mintshop and Mokens in that category.


Means i can deploy my very own NFTs using Enjin Mintshop?


Yeah sure, It’s the most easy way to mint your own designed NFT’s or FT’s


cools, the gecko team should mint some enjin geckos