CometVerse, NFTs on VeChain



I have seen that all of the NFT mentioned in here are from ETH, Tron or EOS so i wanted to introduce a cool dapp based on VET.

IIRC it launched around January, at least i entered in that month.

You will have to create a wallet on comet (VET equivalent of metamask), and then you will be able to claim a base comet.
A cool thing about it is the fee delegation (you won’t pay vethor when claiming airdrops).

After having a comet you can customize it with equippable NFTs that are dropped from time to timeor can be exchanged in the marketplace from other people!


Hi Nico,

Cool, Cometverse looks really cool. I didn’t know there were NFTs on VeChain. Is there a list of all the NFTs that are on VeChain?

I would like to compile them and look in depth into them too.


Thanks for sharing! I really didn’t know about NFTs on VeChain at all. Do share with us the list of NFTs that you are aware of so we can look into them! :smiley:


Yeah me too. I’m curious as well.


any experience with VEchain? like why do you think some people or developers should choose VET over others?


I only know about cometverse on vechain for now, if i find something else i’ll write it on the forum for sure!