Congratulations to our first winner of the NFTGecko x Boxswap giveaway!


@RivAngE Congratulations! You’re the lucky winner of an Ultra Rare Neon District Pistol. Let us know when you kick some bad guys’ butts! :smile:

Here’s the winning post :fire::

As for everyone else who joined but did not get lucky, you’re still in line to win the next item - a 3-digit Origin Axie! Stay tuned, and see you around in the forums! :smile:


Yeee!!! Thanks guys! I haven’t bothered much with Neon District since I can’t play it yet, but now I’m intrigued to give it a try!
I wonder when will they release the game… Hmm


Congrats Rivange!!

We’re also excited for Neon District :star_struck:! Stick around our Discord for more weekly giveaways and other fun stuff like Mike’s Trivia night =)


Congratulations @RivAngE! I am envious that of the Neon District Rare Item that you just won! Happy for you :smiley:


I’m interested to play Neon District as well, totally reminds me of Final Fantasy 7 (turn-based) fighting games :smile:


I can’t wait to play it too. So sad that i did not win it :no_mouth:


Gratz NFT gecko rocks!


I totally missed this


No worries, the next one will come soon
Stay tuned to it with us here :smiley:


I’ll keep my eyes peeled