Congratulations to the second winner of NFTGecko x Boxswap giveaway!


Congratulations @zonpower! You are the second lucky winner and will be bringing home a 3-digit Origin Axie! Let us know when that Axie is out and about kicking some bad guys that are invading Lunacia! :partying_face: :muscle:

The winning post:

For anyone else reading this, fret not! We’ll be having more of such giveaways in the future and you’re always welcome to join us. Stay tuned and see your around in the forums! :lizard: :partying_face:



You lucky fella @zonpower! My name is Tony too can I get half an Axie @Jin? :smirk: See, I’ve introduced myself here :stuck_out_tongue::

Just messing. anyways congratulations to you once more! And definitely looking forward to the next one!


too bad i didn’t get it this time


Better luck next time Tony no.2 :joy:


No worries, keep trying and you’ll eventually be one of the winners. We have other giveaways planned in the future too so stay tuned! :slight_smile: