Crossworld : a Tower Defence on EOS



Hello there !

I was looking for a new EOS game and I found this one who looks promising : CrossWorlds.

It’s a tower defense where you attackers and defenders are NFT :slight_smile:
I love NFT and Tower Defence, why not on EOS ? ^^

At the moment it’s Genesis presale time, so no beautiful visual gameplay yet, but you already can claim free token everyday and send your army through tournament to have a better rank when the game will be release.

I don’t have much info about the team or the game (I just asked them their roadmap today), but if you have question feel free to ask to their Discord, they answer pretty quickly to technical aspects.

Here’s my referal link if you want to use it :
Or here’s the official link to the game :


Looks like its still in the early stages. Anything notably unique about the game?


well, it’s the first 2D tower defence I found so far using a blockchain and NFT :slight_smile:

imo a lot of games are in their early stage… but Eos is still very young, that’s why I shared probably one of the first games who will be released on this blockchain ^^


Tower Defense FTW!

Looking at all Tower Defense games gaining attention, this sure is the next game changer focus within NFT space


Personally I think TD games can work in a completely decentralized system.

Yeah CrossWorlds definitely looks like an early stage game but the concept is there