Cryptokitties are coming to MegaCryptoPolis



Who else thinks this is awesome?


I think this is a good news but the game isn’t as popular as it used to be.
I read once that everything relies on the Global Tax Funds and if it falls to 0 the game doesn’t have interest anymore…


Have you played MegaCryptoPolis? How’s the game?

Now it doesn’t sound as awesome as I initially thought. Lol


I have played it, and built a little neibourhood :grin:

I’m not profitable yet… but everyday I keep claiming my share.

If you want to invest in this game I wrote a mini-guide (the team translated in english) :

it’s important to understand how the influence is calculated, or you’ll never make profit with your buildings.

I hope mcp3d and its macroeconomy will bring a new life to the game. I really do ^^


Thanks for the guide. Now I have a better sense of the game.

I should try it out :slight_smile:


That’s a really good guide, now that cryptokitties has made the move of collaborating with megacryptopolis, its time for other games and collectibles such as axie and etheremon all working with each other


I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens. Definitely a possibility at this point.