Cryptokitties reached 1.5 million kitties!



Cryptokitties $1500000

Papacatuanuku is a Gen 2 cryptokitty. He loves travelers and is gorgeous but also down to earth. So there are no needs to turn green with envy.

The flowers growing from its fur is amazing, and Papacatuanuku thinks that everyone should spend less time online and more in nature. He’s been off social media ever since they got rid of Vine.

Zombie Battleground sold 8,000 cards!

I clicked this because I saw soyun xD are you referring to kim so eun btw, shes great, hah


Anyway, in general, I think there should have some sort of a NFT genuine control group, to make sure Nfts are in checked, recently it crossed my mind that NFT creators might be using someone else art


@Mochii yeah I agree. I think in such cases, the NFT, if it uses copyrighted images would not hold any value. The problem occurs if the issuer sells these NFT to 3rd parties and then disappears.

I remember this situation many years back when I was still a schoolboy. I created a website with silhouette of buildings and tried to sell each building to different people. A few days after launching, I received a cease and desist letter from a lawyer saying that these images are copyrighted material and cannot be used. I immediately took down the website. Had I sold any of these buildings, I probably would have to refund the purchasers. Of course this was in early 2000s before there was any blockchain or NFT for that matter!

If an NFT issuer is using copyrighted material and is still actively selling the NFT, the copyright owner can go after them and ask them to stop. However, if the NFT owner successfully sold everything before the copyright owner realizes it and then disappears, it will be harder to stop.

But there are still legal ways to fix it. The way NFTs are hosted now, the images are usually stored in a centralized server on AWS for example. The token metadata, ERC721 for example only has a link to the image. Meaning if the issuer, removes the image, there goes the NFT image too.

It is theoretically possible to store the images on IPFS for example but it is still challenging and most developers do not take this route. If it’s on IPFS and the NFT issuer has disappeared then it will be a whole different issue.

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Same i also clicked into this because of soyuncutie :heart_eyes:


Lol xD my new bias is jung in sun tho, just as cute, this topic is so out, anyway I think soon therell be a set of NFTs, its a tcg, blocklords, is likely based on anime, hopefully it will interest you as much


cannot wait until it overtakes the number of cats on this planet


Surprisingly, that probably won’t be far away lol. (Assuming CK continues to grow exponentially that is*) The total number of cats is estimated to be around 600 - 700 million. Source:

1/400 of the way there! :muscle:


600-700 million cryptokitties would be hell to the Ethereum network.
Either Cryptokitties moves to Loom or good luck to Vitalik in scaling Ethereum


onwards to more cats on the blockchain than there is on this planet


CK still going strong. Props to the original blockchain game!


I got another collection to add today! :heart_eyes:
Worth every ETH of mine