CryptoSkulls is an investment crypto collection



CryptoSkulls is an investment crypto collection of 10,000 unique skulls.

The collection is based on the Ethereum blockchain and operates according to the ERC-721 standard: each skull is unique and belongs to only one person. It cannot be duplicated, deleted or destroyed.

Buy, sell, give, bet on your favorite skulls, increase the value of your collection. The price of cards is determined by supply and demand, the more unique the skull, the more expensive it is.

To buy a card with a skull:

  1. Install the Metamask extension for Chrome. It will allow you to access your wallet on the sites where you are logged in.

  2. Create a wallet and buy Ethereum on Coinbase directly in the Metamask extension.

  3. Buy cards on popular exchanges of crypto collections: OpenSea and RareBits.


Are there any utility or purpose for collection these skulls? Such as playable in certain games


The design looks a bit too 2D and pixelated, if only its more of 3D or HD or more attractive then i would consider collecting it. Then again as @toowet mentioned, with no use case this will just be a waste of any resources


You can use CryptoSkulls in any project that supports Ethereum ERC-721 token. Check out:[email protected],252N


Design, as said one user in Twitter about CryptoSkulls, is “pure cryptoart” :slight_smile: It is cool words I think :slight_smile:


imo, the design could be done better as well, currently it is not very appealing for anyone to invest their tokens in


Well, it is your opinion


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