Dissolution Founders Token Giveaway



Enter for a chance to win 50 Dissolution Founders Tokens!

To celebrate our official announcement and open early access release on Steam, we will be giving away a total of 1000 DFTs away to 20 lucky winners!

We will also be giving out 100 Kovan DFTs to anyone who completes the competition , which means you will have a 100% bonus on in-game earnings until we go on live on the main-net. Your account will not be reset when we go on mainnet.

What is Dissolution?

Dissolution is a space sandbox MMORPG set in the 25th century, with an emphasis on immersion and high-intensity combat. Currently, the game exists as a standalone FPS with a cosmetic focused marketplace to ensure fair and competitive gameplay without unfair advantages.

The game’s development is broken up into 3 stages with each stage being built to be a standalone game

Stage 1: FPS

Stage 2: Combined Arms

Stage 3: MMORPG