ENJ1155 - Complete resource of Enjin Projects



Just stumbled upon this site. Awesome resource of Enjin related projects


Enjin Blockchain Games Project List

Awesome, thanks for the share, i have added the link to my compilation list


You’re welcome. We’re starting to compile a very handsome list.


That’s right man, thanks for the help, definitely will be the most comprehensive list out there in no time, i’m looking to write a 101 guide for each of these projects on the list, are you familiar with any of these projects?


I know a bunch of them but nothing extensive.

A guide would be awesome. Better start writing before more games pop out of the wood work. Lol

Speak of pop out of the wood work, that Space Misfits game looks great. It’s a new personal favorite.


simple and smooth layout.


Another new Enjin game? They are growing so fast that i’m losing track of it


You haven’t seen Space Misfits? You gotta check em out.



Wow wow wow! Its giving me a feel of somewhat similar to Overwatch for some reason, any timing on when will it be launched?


Dunno when they’ll launch the game but I heard it’s soon. Space Misfits suddenly got bumped to the top of my list.

Lots of Enjin games coming out in 2019. Can’t wait to play them.

EDIT: Enjin just launched a new program called Spark and Space Misfits is one of the first games to be featured.

Looks like their releasing an early access single player mode called Rush:


Nice~~~ Should try it as soon as it is launched. Didn’t know Enjin released Spark tho, any source for me to look into Spark?


They just launched Spark and presented the new batch of adopters