Enjin announce Blockchain SDK For Unity?!



With Unity on board, Enjin will get access to 4.5 million developers and 28 billion game installs over 3 billion devices!

But sadly Enjin is still holding strongly onto only using ERC-1155, what are your thoughts?


only thing i know is the price of enjin skyrocketed recently


yeah, it’s true. and lots of game builders have started to develop games on top of it.


which are the good ones that i should look out for?


Here’s a list of official games http://enjin.games/


Which is your top pick for the coming months?

Personally i think Kingdom Karnage has been doing pretty well, but in terms of design and beauty it is still far behind non-enjin projects such as Axie Inifinity and Etheremon which are both doing really excellent job


9Lives Arena and Age of Rust look great. 9Lives Arena has interesting gameplay mechanics.


That’s true, i think design work can be done well pretty quickly as long as the foundations of the gameplay are being laid out nicely.

Yes i have been eyeing these 2 projects, can’t wait for them to be live soon


Been liking that Space Misfits game too recently. Can’t wait to have a go at it.

To add your reply to @dustyjoe, I agree that Kingdom Karnage doesn’t have stellar graphics but at the end of the day, it’s all about the gameplay.


Agree with that, nail the gameplay, then get the designs up would be the most cost efficient way of going about.

Designing could get really expensive if done wrong