Enjin Founder's Challenge: Real life tasks to win free Enjin MFTs, T-shirts and assets!



This Mission will go down in history as the beginning of the Global Guerillas, the spark that started a worldwide movement.

Your task is simple. Founders will be placing GG posters on pillars and stores, which will challenge people to download the Enjin Wallet and scan a QR Code containing 3 different tokens. Each token is a Global Guerillas Champion with a backstory and a mission for its owner to carry out on Twitter.


Got you interested? Visit here.


Order mine now I wait :grin:


Any additional info? Which twitter link?


Nice! Do share a picture when it arrives :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so sorry! Just updated the post. Forgot to link it :grimacing:


This awesome! I want a shirt and MFT


What’s the gameplay like?


Got my Authenticity token, should receive my T-shirt any day now :grin::+1:


Niice! Waiting for the image >_<


Awesome! Thank you to Enjin for doing this giveaway :+1:


i read the article but i didn’t get something… is it us or the Enjin members who will have to put posters on store ?

and only the first 50 to make it and post it to twitter will have the big prize ?



I think is we are the one who have to put up the posters and looks like only first 50 gets it


Niice! Damn I want one >_<


Check out the store :grin::+1:


Nice~ Guerilla should run another round of t-shirt giveaway