Enjin Minecraft NFTs?



Look like Enjin is about to announce something. Is the Minecraft/Java SDK finally happening?



Yes Indeed, they just announced the Beta.


Thanks for the link. This is going to be big!



For real?! Enjin and Minecraft working together
But the name EnjinCraft doesn’t seem to be appealing, probably they should work on another naming?


They probably should change the name. The name sums up everything nicely though. You know it’s from Enjin and Minecraft. Definitely sounds better than Minenjin. Lol


Haha, or something totally different, giving the game alot more unique identity rather than naming it after the two guys working on it


What name would you guys suggest?

Personally I can’t think of anything aside form EnjinCraft. The name kinda stuck in my head now.


Boxmining and the Enjin CTO will be playing EnjinCraft live in 27hrs


Awesome, looks like its still on beta, not released yet, any idea if i could apply in anyway to give it a try before the official release?


Yeah you can sign up here fro the closed Beta.

Hurry up before they run out of slots.