Enjin NFT, any trading platform in the works similar to OpenSea for them?



As title says, i’ve used OpenSea a few times to buy NFTs, and was wondering if you guys know if anyting like that is planned for the Enjin items.

Is trading via Escrow the only options for now?


Though Enjin items are being traded mainly using escrow in telegram and discord trading groups.

There is a site available, and it works!, I bought all my MFTs from here:

Before buying/selling, make sure you click on “Trading Status” above and enable all three options. :smiley:

P.S- Some buy transactions may fail even after you have approved and have the required amount of ENJ, it is because the item is no longer available for sale (The site doesn’t remove a listing until the user cancels it), just try another listing in that case.


Just what i was looking for, Thanks!

Now i can check a bit of prices without scrolling through chats endlessly


This is really good feedback, didn’t know there were such issues with Enjin. Something they would definitely need to work on for better marketplace experience


does opensea not have any plans to include support for enjin in the future?


Opensea now shows all the latest enjin mints on their website. The early mints however are not shown. We will have to wait and see their move since opensea is a marketplace for ERC721s whereas Enjin collectables are ERC1155s.


The site is actually a third party website, and it’s the website’s problem that it doesn’t check whether the user who has listed the item still has it or not, so it’s not a problen on Enjin’s side. However, Enjin collectibles have such a demand but still there is no official marketplace for it, that’s a problem :grimacing:


I agree. Heard Enjin is planning to put up a marketplace. Hope it happens soon.


So how are all the current Enjin NFT holders selling their NFTs?


Most of the activity is happening in telegram trading groups and some discord channels through trust. But you can also use https://trading.cryptofights.io/ for now :smiley:


What do you think if we allow Enjin p2p tradings in this forum under the #marketplace category?


It will require a different kind of format, this current one is not good for marketplace listings and it will die as soon as official enjin marketplace launches, so I would leave that Idea.


There’s are also a number of unofficial trading and auction channels in Telegram


I agree. But while the official marketplace is still not up, we can still implement your idea


Could you recommend some?


Here are a few:

Most of the members are helpful. Please trade safely nonetheless.


Just wanted to make sure this thread knows - OpenSea has officially announced its marketplace for Enjin NFTs and ERC-1155 items! More info on the blog: https://medium.com/opensea/now-open-erc-1155-marketplace-816257ab0da7