Enjin NFTs difference between ERC721 NFTs



Any reasoning why Enjin designed its own ERC1155 token standard instead of using ERC721. Does this mean that it is more superior, more cost efficient and works better?

Enjin definitely have an upper hand in terms of marketing in the traditional gaming and technology industry but ERC721 is popular because of the chaos Cryptokitties caused.

All in all, is Ethereum based NFTs really workable? Because i feel that with all the gas fees i have paid so far could have bought me another Gen 0 cryptokitties


To simply put, ERC1155 is ERC20 and ERC721 combined. Transactions can be bundled saving on gas fees.

I believe Enjin is developing a side chain called Efinity which will significantly lower gas fees to negligible amounts plus increase transaction speeds.


What about Loom, i heard that some NFT projects are moving to loom because it is feeless transaction. Not too sure how it works tho


Time to load up on Enjin. It looks like they are going complete domination.


one of the better performing coin of the year https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/enjin-coin


They’ve talked about it lots of times and has been part of the roadmap ever since. That’s why they want to stick with ETH I think. Not sure when it’s going to be out. Hope it comes out within the year. Definitely going to be a game changer.


Heard about that too. Has anyone played any games in Loom? I haven’t to be honest.

Here’s something Boxmining recently wrote about the ERC1155


So far i know that there’s Zombie Battleground, bought some card packs when they launch several months back.

So far it looks interesting but haven’t really play with it yet. Definitely gonna try it out in the next few days


Awesome, thanks for the ERC1155 guide man

@Clooney you can already start to play with Zombie Battleground, but you would need to download and install it to your laptop


@Clooney @JohnSnow short review of the game would be awesome


Sure thing man, lemme find the time to write it over the weekend, then i’ll publish it


@JohnSnow really? Ok, let me install it later
@DKimura you should join us as well man, what’s the fun of playing alone when we can play in a group :+1:


Comparing Enjin’s ERC1155 with ERC721 is like comparing apple with orange
They are not the same, ERC1155 is focus on the masses to put all gaming assets onto the blockchain, whereas ERC721 is focused on collectible and value.
Comparing a unique vase that is worth millions with another common vase that is produced in the millions and worth pennies is just ridiculous

Get the facts right and you will know they are both playing a different game


We can play? Let me try out the game first and figure it out. At least I’ll try to be challenging :slight_smile: