Enjin QR From Witek?


Witek will be interviewed live on Ivan on Tech in a few hours. You think he’ll hand out a QR code later?

Interview link:


As someone who’s quite new to the space, who’s this person getting interviewed?

Edit: I’m an idiot hahaha that’s the CTO. Listening to the interview at the moment - very interesting!

Also, there’s a QR code to scan for anyone who has an Enjin wallet :smile:


LOL. Only the guy who developed the ERC1155 :slight_smile:

True enough, there was a QR code. I missed out on it though. People just lapped up that QR :frowning:


Well not me :stuck_out_tongue: I got it! Do you know if there’ll be any other interviews? Gonna keep my eyes peeled for those :joy:

And yes, I am very, very late at replying. Been away for a bit dealing with some stuffs in life. My apologies :pray: Good to see you’re still around though!


You just missed the most recent interview.

Got some Boxmining collectibles and a wooden sword for Minecraft :slight_smile:


NooOOoOooOooo. But 5 hours ago I was driving so I would’ve missed it anyway :frowning:

I have a small favor to ask actually, do you mind pinging me here when the next one comes up? I don’t really know how to keep updated with all these interviews :sweat:


Don’t worry. I’ll share the next QR giveaway that I find.