Getting NFTs everywhere - Ideas thread for tokenization


Hey Guys and Gals!

Zach from here. Today I wanted to start a discussion thread where we can discussion different possibilities to get NFTs into real world users.

There are a million problems that arise when you connect a real world asset to the digital NFT asset, such as tracking, transfering, and third party mediation. But in this thread, lets try to keep it simple, for simple users.

If you’ve been in the NFT space for a while, you’ve probably heard of

Mintable lets you create and deploy your own smart contract then mint NFTs on it. No scammy tokens needed, no ICO, no strings attached. There are small fees if you want to store data on our servers, but besides that, you have complete control.

So what can we tokenize to get people using NFTs?

The sad part is, cryptokitties and collectibles are NOT the answer. No one wants to pay 1 eth to have a picture, that they can then pull out on their phone, and show to a friend. Like… cool… I could also google that image as well. (Of course this isn’t about the investment and ownership side of things, I’m talking simply, people. People don’t care about showing their friends a picture of a cat, if it has to cost them 1 eth ).

So what is the answer?

Thats for us to discuss below. But some of the ideas we have seen and have been used on Mintable are:

  • Items for sale - Think training courses ( anyone?)
  • Tickets for events - Of course… easy, first that comes to mind
  • Business Cards - send data, contact info, follow ups, to eth addresses
  • Emails - If an eth address is tied to its own email, NFTs could be used as attachments
  • IP rights - the NFT can be the rights to own something or use some item commercially.
  • Coupons - Buy it for eth, get half off your entire purchase. (or something more realistic like 25% off).
  • Traceability - New t-shirt brand? Why not tokenize it, so each authentic shirt comes with its own NFT that verifies what you own and bought. Why not even include info on how its made?
  • Spam - Thats right, spam. Why not upload your latest clickbait youtube video onto an NFT and airdrop them to thousands. Atleast it would be reoccuring traffic… as they are never removed from the blockchain… lol

The last spam example is merely a joke, but a good example of how BROAD non-fungible tokens can be.

You can literally make all of these on Mintable right now… but I want to find new ways to get people involved, including things that you CAN’T make on Mintable.

What else can you think of, that would get people using NFTs daily?


A great example of a new use case:

Our cofounder just got married! (Congrats!!!) and we could/should make an NFT series for their wedding.

He could have made NFT invitations (to late though, since the wedding is over)

But we could make him a commendation NFT series with pictures and his marriage cert on it, to pass out as a forever reminder!

Just an idea I had…


Hi Zach,
Thank you for the great input - it is mind boggling to think of the possibilities this technology brings.

I have had sort of a similar idea to your last post. As a project manager, motivating my hard working team is a major objective. Why not leverage nfts and create personalized “trading cards” to give out to the team members? Complete with a cool nickname and a somehow pimped version of their linkedin profile pic.

The challenge here is that it would be super cool to hand out a physical printout that is linked to the digital nft (sort of like they crypto stamps from Austria). But this raises complexity and invest significantly…