Global or small tribes of gamers?



Hello everyone !

We recently ask ourselves some questions about NFT communities :

Is the blockchain gaming ecosystem a large family or a multitude of small tribes side by side? How many users are playing several games?

We fully answered these questions with datas in this article :

I thought we will be a large community but I was wrong haha ^^ we are a lot of small tribes :slight_smile:

What do you think about this analysis ? We currently working on the data about Enjin but it’s not release yet :slight_smile:


Awesome analysis. Gives a clearer picture of where blockchain games are right now. Makes you realize that the industry is still embryonic.

Too bad Enjin is not on the list as you stated. Given that their games are still alpha, beta, or in development.


Really interesting article TC!
well done!


Indeed ! The contract adress are mostly for presale atm… so we wait to see if another contract will be deployed :slight_smile:


It would be great to run this study again next year. For sure there will be a lot more blockchain games out by that time.