God Powers 2.0 😃



This week’s patch introduces a refresh of God Powers with redesigned depth and balance.
God Powers fundamentally drive the meta and competitive strategy of gameplay in Gods Unchained. This week, we’re releasing a complete overhaul of the God Power system. Every God Power in the game has been refreshed, rebalanced or completely redesigned. Despite reducing the number of God Powers available to each god from 5 to 4 during the beta, this is the highest number of active god powers we’ve ever had in the game! We’re hoping that this refresh should make the choice of God Power much more impactful and give players better options for countering their opponent if they understand the meta.

Without further ado, here are the new powers!


Soul Burn
3 Mana
Give a creature burn +2, then deal 2 damage to your opponent’s god, then your god.

Undying Wish
2 Mana
Give a creature without soulless "Soulless. Afterlife: Summon a 2/1 ghoul with soulless”.

Blood Ritual
2 Mana
Give a friendly creature +1/-1 permanently and leech until the end of the turn.

3 Mana
Obliterate a friendly creature. Summon a random creature from your void that costs 1 more mana than the obliterated creature.


2 Mana
Give a creature +2/+2 and burn +2. If it is an enemy creature, give it an additional burn +2.

2 Mana
Give a friendly creature blitz and reduce its maximum health by 1.

Intense Training
2 Mana
At the end of your turn, give +1/+2 to a random creature in your hand.

3 Mana
If you have a relic equipped, give it +1 durability. If you don’t, equip a 2/1 Hand Axe.


Summon Acolyte
3 Mana
Summon a 2/2 Acolyte.

Heaven’s Light
3 Mana
Reduce an enemy creature’s attack by 2, but not to less than 1.

2 Mana
Heal a character for 2. If you heal a creature with full health, it gains health +1.

Chosen Visions
3 Mana
Look at the top 2 cards of your deck. Give the Chosen One +2/+2, and move it 3 cards closer to the top of your deck.


3 Mana
At the end of your turn, add a random card from your opponent’s god to your hand.

Memory Charm
2 Mana
Give a creature +2 attack and it gains sleep at the end of your turn.

2 Mana
Give a creature hidden for 1 turn and deal 1 damage to it.

0 Mana
Your god power becomes a copy of your opponent’s. You can activate the copied god power this turn.


2 Mana
Deal 1 damage to all enemy creatures.

3 Mana
Delve a spell from your void. Give it soulless and it costs +1 mana.

Clear Mind
2 Mana
Foresee 2. Your god gets protected.

3 Mana
Deal 2 damage.


2 Mana
Remove 3 random cards from your void, if your void is empty, add a random nature card to your hand.

2 Mana
Give three different random friendly creatures +1 attack.

Leech Life
3 Mana
Deal 2 damage to a random enemy creature. Give a random friendly creature +1 health.

Animal Bond
3 Mana
Randomly summon a 1/2 Badger or a 2/1 Eagle.