Gods Unchained beta is open to everyone with an existing apollo account!



Really amazing how Gods Unchained has grew over the past few months.

Gods Unchained beta is now available to everyone with an Apollo account, so go and register yours now and try out the game.

Some other announcements included in this blog posts are:

  1. The remaining genesis cards and gods powers will be added in the next few weeks. This includes some of the redesigned god powers.

  2. The team is looking on ways to optimize the gaming experience for users with older and weaker performance devices. This include the possibility of introducing an entirely new game board that will make running the game smoothly on all devices with close to no VRAM.

  3. Gods Unchained will be running promotions and introducing the play-to-earn system. The play-to-earn system rewards players with tradable assets by just enjoying the game!

  4. The team has been expanding rapidly and is looking to move to a 100 persons office and still looking to hire more. For the next 60 days, if anyone that you recommended ends up hired by the team you will be rewarded with a hefty amount of 10 ETH!

Simply amazing to see how so many things are done and so much progress were made in such a short amount of time. Kudos to the team and lets all join the beta now!


I hope this game succeeds. It’s one of the better blockchain games out there. Its success may push the industry forward.

How’s the beta?


Can it beat Heartstone or MTG online?


Exactly, really love Gods Unchained since day one of announcement, i have several sets of the cards as well.

Should probably register for the beta as well. Any guides on how to get into beta?


Don’t think so atm, but can’t ignore this possibility in the future.
With 100 people working in the team, definitely they will be making very quick progress in terms of game developments, NFTs and items development also