How to know my Axie's price?



I have this Axie that i put up for sale, but how do i know i’m selling at the best price? :pensive:


best way is usually comparring it to axies already listed on the market.
S parts will usually give it a boost (hot butt in this case), the unusual body as well.

you can compare classes/purity/parts on axie built in marketplace

and body styles here:


Well that a really nice Axie you have there congrats :stuck_out_tongue:

Valuable traits woudl be:
S rank parts (as mentioned above
Purity, number of parts of the same class
Special body shape, also called mutations
Some precise “meta” (combinations of parts) like double healer, full tank and full dps
Tagged axies (Origins, MEOs, Agamemnon)

My best advise is to use the search filter on the market place to match your axie. Also look for the multiple Market screeners created by community members, they all have their little something so used all together you can get a really good idea of an axie value.


All that u mentioned were very stats, i’m only judging which to buy by how pretty it is :heart_eyes:

Does this mean i can get all my pretty Axies who are bad on stats in cheap prices?


Definetly not but, i would say that cuteness and beauty are really subjective which mean you could find some at super high price and others at lower prices.

Stats are obviously not the only important thing their just more technical and its easier to make comparition base on starts then style.

Wish you the best parcour in the Axie world :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes yes! I want more Axies! Axie team please release more unique axies, i’m collecting so many cryptokitties now, want more varieties of axies and etheremons