How to Make Money in Zombie Battleground



Step 1: Buy the 5 packs package. Can buy 100 packs if you are feeling rich, it may or may not be worth the discount.

Step 2 : Open the packs and sort it by price, highest at the top.
This is where you can see the average value of each of your Zombie Battleground Cards.

Step 3 : Set the high valued Zombie Battleground cards for sale
This is where this thing becomes profitable. I used 0.1 ETH to buy 5 packs, equivalent to 25 cards, i have 2 cards that are valued at 1 ETH, one valued at 0.2 ETH and 3 more valued at 0.1 ETH.
This means by spending 0.1 ETH for 5 packs, i can potentially get 2.5 ETH our of it, which is 25x roi!

This is hell alot more than any other ICOs, IEOs, IXO, whatever other I something O.
With the 25x return i can again do the same thing, or maybe i will buy 2 of the 100 packs, get a discount and probably my ROI will be even higher.

Making money in crypto space? Why not make it in NFT space as well, a simple understanding of newer projects such as Zombie Battleground can make you tons of profit :star_struck:


well, the only detail is that people have to buy your cards for you to profit… and the market doesn’t seem to be having that many orders lately…


This works if you get a little lucky, and even then it depends on how liquid/generous the market is feeling when you want to sell a card. Seems a little risky imo to be trading like that!


That is normal because the overall crypto market is not exactly in a great condition, when the market returns to $8,000 per BTC and above pretty sure the entire NFT market will pick up again


I don’t think so, since other NFT games like Axie Infinity as still keeping a good volume of sells everyday even thought we’re not in a mega bull market for crypto in general.


Isn’t Zombie Battleground (now renamed to Relentless), on Beta or something? I tried to play from my phone but it was kinda buggy, with a few disconnections here and there and a UI that felt off on some occasions.

I wouldn’t expect a healthy volume yet, but it’s a solid game and if you’re willing to buy early and try sell higher, that could be actually work out well.
Just don’t buy-in expecting a certain profit, better only get involved if you like the game and you don’t mind playing with the cards you buy if you won’t be able to sell them.


Those aren’t selling prices! Those are listing prices, There are very few actual sales and people have put up insane buy amounts. Also, if everyone knows this, why will they buy from the market anyways


Yes its indeed being rebranded to Relentless which is a better name imo
My experience with them so far was also at a satisfactory level only, there are much more improvements that definitely needs to be worked on.

You are right, people would take the chances of buying multiple packs, but if you were to be so lucky to get an extremely rare one, then there’s definitely value to it in the marketplace, but now is not the time to sell, buy low sell at the peak only will we get the best roi