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Hello there and welcome to NFTGecko forums! :smile:

Let’s get to know each other better! Do:

  1. Introduce yourself :smiley:
  2. What do you like about NFT and what do you think about NFT’s future?
  3. Show us your NFT (Any will do!)

Before you introduce yourself, here’s ours!

Brought to you by the same folks over at CoinGecko, this is a place where you can discuss all and any NFT related topics! We’re all really big fans of NFT and we’d love to get in touch and build a community of NFT fans over here so do feel free to post anything you think is related to NFT. We’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you! :partying_face:

Also, we’re looking to push out some exciting features for the NFT space here at NFTGecko, but we’re keeping it under wraps for now. Stay tuned! :face_with_monocle:

That said, while we aim to be the NFT forum, we’re not restricting the contents and as long as it is a suitably relevant topic that does not go against any of the forum rules we’d be more than happy to join in the discussion! :lizard:

Update (23/4/2019)
Throughout the past 2 weeks, we ran a giveaway with Boxswap where an ultra rare Neon District pistol and 3-digit Origin Axie were given away! The lucky winners are somewhere in this forum. Find them and congratulate them! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi everyone, this is Bobby, co-founder of CoinGecko.

Happy to see all of you here in NFTGecko. We are big fans of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and want to curate a community of like-minded individuals to discuss NFTs.

I am very interested in NFT because I see a future where all assets will be tokenized and NFTs provide a way for unique assets to be represented on the blockchain. I think there is a huge potential for games to make use of NFT and I look forward to the day where I can use my game assets across multiple games!

There are several NFT projects that I am a big fan of such as Decentraland, Cryptokitties, Axie Infinity and many more.

If I have to choose my favorite NFT, I would have to select this Cryptokittie that was given by my friend Kyle Lu, CEO of for my wedding.

The name of this cat is pretty unique: 3(NWF, TBrz) 2(OS, LS) Swish.
I enjoy playing basketball and it’s cool to have this basketball loving, unique Cryptokittie :slight_smile:

I think we are just at the early beginning of the NFT growth and would see tremendous growth in the years to come. Look forward to meeting and talking to all of you!


Hi fellow NFTGeckoians!

I’m TJ, a fellow NFT enthusiast in CoinGecko. I was super excited when we decided to launch this NFTGecko forum because i think NFTs are one of the best use cases of public blockchain thus far.

What’s more interesting is with only 0.1 ETH i manage to collect many cute and interesting looking collectibles. Despite the lack of actual gameplays for NFTs at the moment, but projects such as Decentraland, Cryptokitties, Etheremon, Axie Infinity and many more are working day and night in the hopes of providing us the best NFT gaming experience.

Super excited in collecting more NFTs and get more involved in the development of this NFT space.
Below are some of my collections:


Gods Unchained

Blockchain Cuties



Good day dear NFTGeckos!

I’m Oleg, often using Jiraiya54 as Nickname. From germany and pretty old. Got into crypto a long time ago, but never invested anything in it. Traded cents that I got from faucets to hundreds of $.

I’m a big fan of all ERC Tokens AND NFTs. Gameplay is fun and the idea behind it is very innovative and pretty cool for a compulsive looter like me.

Playing different games, like Chibifighters, Blockchain Cuties and so on. Unfortunately I only have 2 Axies now. So I need one more to finally get my three together. And I’m looking forward to Neon District, too. Tried some of their puzzles to no avail, but it was fun nonetheless.

The future of NFTs looks bright right now. It depends on the adoption of the masses and crypto, though. Right now you can call it a niche, but it can become very big when it becomes common knowledge.

Here’s one of my axies for example :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I’m kyoronut.

I played etheremon and MyCryptoHeroes a lot last year. Currently interested in Decentraland and ZombieBattleground.

I like feeling of possession about NFT. VR + NFT may be the future.

My favorite NFT is CoinGecko’s xmas gift!


Hello NFTgecko,
My Name is Raymart, I’m a fairly private fellah,
I’m based in Philippines, Started as a miner earlier this year. I’ve found trading to be far more productive.

Securing my financial future first, then maybe an actual ticket to the moon in 20-30 years?
Learning and succeeding as a team!

Love the channel, love what are you doing , it is the best information provided to different range of investors from beginning to expert level. Im so excited to learn more and more about the NFT. We don’t know what we don’t know about the next exciting to happen!:scream:


I got interested to Non Fungible Token since 2017 and CK that havent allowed me to invest in another ICO projects back then. As it turned out very rightly decision because this project fall 95% after ICO :sunny:
However only from January 2019 I became a full-time NFT trader and blockchain game player also an active communities member of NFT world. My favourite game which I am emotionally connected is You can meet me on their discord from morning to night. I am hiding under the nick: exHuman.

I would like to contribute to the success of this market around the world. Do you want to talk about NFT - I am always open to new experiences in this matter.

So far without success BUT I try to create the Polish NFT trading scene.

Here are my social media:
Here is my profile on BoxSwap:

Below I want to present you all - my first ever breed - Moon Big Yak Axie 18


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I didn’t know where to post my presentation so I hope General Discussions is the best to start !

First of all, i’m a gamer and when I discovered the NFT world I was like a kid in a Xmas evening. It’s been a year i’m collecting all the giveaway I can, and sometimes invest (a little…) in project I really like :slight_smile:
So I’ve started to write article about the “Earn to Win” games I found during my Cryptoland’s trip, trying to share useful information for non-crypto gamer, any tips I could find in one purpose : help the blockchain democratisation through gaming.

I’m french, so most of my article are, but recently I’ve started to write stories for so it will be translated in english and french
For exemple :

I’m very glad to be amongst you !


Hey Everyone,

I’m Marcus based in the UK and happy to be hear part of this NFT community. In terms of NFT i’ve come slightly later on with the introduction of enjin and started to see the huge difference it can make to gaming and alot of other sectors. It’s really an exciting time and already been blessed with RED Gecko which i purchased from Enjin trading channel and hope to win one this time.



Hey folks, nice to be around!

really appreciate the creation of this space.

My name is Lucas, I’m from Brazil

I’m really interested on NFTs and how they’ll change the way we relate to videogames and help us to keep true ownership of our items.
As well as create rarity and scarcity in a tangible way and make it tradeable.

Discovered NFTs because of plasma bears and Crypto kitties and afterwards got really hooked by Axie Infinity, the game is amazing.

Here’s one of my own breeds, a beautiful 5/6 reptile:

looking forward for what this space will bring!


Hi, iI am YeowHock, aka Mochii.

I was introduced to NFT by getting one of it by the CoinGecko. It was my first NFT and I fell in love with the technology and the idea within. Something like BTC and blockchain. Since then, the hunt of NFTs has started.

The hunt has being thrilling knowing blockchain games do offer digital assets that could further tokenise onto blockchain, the outlook and journey of getting more Of Nfts are more exciting than ever.

But lately, I noticed something dark about NFTs direction. The breach of intellectual property rights. NFTs creators might intentionally plagiarised someone’s art and thus the creation of pirated NFTs. I have raised my concern in Discord and Telegram and will continue to create awareness if opportunity arised.

May the creators be more conscious before it spells doom for digital assets. Let the WAR BEGINS, digitally. Say NO to pirated NFTs.


My first NFT


Hey everyone,

I am Johnson, software developer at CoinGecko.

I’m owner of multiple cryptokitties :slight_smile:

Look how adorable are them!

So, I heard about NFT almost towards the end of 2017 (cryptokitties & etheremon). At that point of time, cryptokitties are really expensive, and etheremon was something new and you can get it for free. So, I ended up creating 2 etheremon there.

This is an exciting space, hope to see more people joining this forum!

P.S. I had done a presentation on Brief Introduction to NFT for people that want to understand in depth of ERC721and demo

The slides is at


Hi Oleg, I would like to personally welcome you to NFTGecko. Guten Tag!
Your Axie looks cute! Do you have a favorite Chibifighter that you would love to share with the community? Would love to see what you enjoy about your Chibifighter too :slight_smile:
What makes you enjoy the Chibifighter game?


Hi @kyoronut, welcome to NFTGecko!
Thank you for loving our CoinGecko NFT Xmas gift :slight_smile:
We are super happy that you enjoy this NFT that we created. We learned so much about NFT creating this.

Did you get the chance to participate in the contest that we did with Decentraland where you can make use of the Gecko item that is found in the Decentraland builder?

This is how the Gecko looks like in the Decentraland builder.

You should see all the creative work that people have submitted here in this Twitter thread! Really creative indeed I have to say:


Hi @Raymart09 hopefully you get to learn and have fun at the same time! Go buy one of your first NFT on and play the games :slight_smile:


Hi this is Goldberg, My first FT was Primis by Altcoin Buzz and scanned it with the Enjin wallet from a QR beam. My first erc721 NFT is CoinGecko Xmas2018 Santa Gecko is coming to town! And my first erc1155 NFT is One Batch, Altcoin Buzz’s first ever digital collectible made. In 2017 I received from a YouTube crypto influencer 2000 Social Points (SPT) erc20 tokens and I told on YouTube that I would keep them as collector items. It was something I came up with myself and didn’t hear anyone talking about it before. The first time I heard anyone else talking about collector coins on the blockchain was in an article about Estonia that wanted to create the first one. Then I heard everyone talking about Cryptokitties but at that time I didn’t realize these where collectible items at that time. I think the power of these collector items on the blockchain with visual images is that their authenticity will be verified by the blockchain.


Hey @Goldberg very happy to see you here! I know you have created a few NFTs on the Enjin platform yourself. Do share the images here with the community and we would love to see them!


Hey YeowHock @Mochii happy to see you here! Yea I agree with your about the pirated NFTs. I posted a lengthy reply to your other thread here: Cryptokitties reached 1.5 million kitties!