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Sure thanks Bobby, nice one. :+1: Great move to make this forum. I’ll be happy to show my own creations.


Hi. I am from Argentina. I am a blockchain enthusiast since 2016. Maybe due to the bear market in 2018 I discovered the NFT. My first NFT was Coingecko’s Christmas gift, then I started collecting the ERC1155 from Enjin, I participated in the presale of MegaCryptoPolis and now I play Crypto-Oink on weekends.

I find this new niche of blockchain technology exciting.

In social networks I am Sonic or Tucumanga.

Here part of my collection:





Thanks for reply, I was trying to play around in this forum, wanted to post here instead, more readers I guess. XD

Another issue of mine, imo, NFTs creation seems too easy as long the tool is available, the tool should be tied to a license, my point is NFTs are now everywhere, don’t look like it’s rare, not my view when I first knew of NFTs


This axie is so nice! Is it a rare one?


It is from a special edition celebrating the partnership between Axies and Crypto-Oink. These little pigs are called Axton.


Hello, I am maxkaiba, Nice to see you all :grinning:

I get introduced in nft just about 3 months ago. Im quite new but i can see the potential of this new ability brought by blockchain technology. It will sure brings us to game 3.0. The gaming world where player is not only treated as consumers anymore, but also as an investor, even the desainer or the game collaborate with the developer. I can see this works in axie infinity, the first blockchain game with nft asset introduced to me.

I am also playing some eos game like eos knight and if you are aware there is project called itamstore which aims to bring gaming world to the next level using blockchain and nft is one of the key feature. I have collected my first eos nft there by playing a puzzle game called spookiez and i am waiting for their mobile RPG games called Blue Dawn. Which have high rated graphic and also Nft integration. What i like from them is they prioritize a mobile game first rather than PC. As i am more into mobile than PC.

Below is one of my favorite cute axie, and yeah, i am waiting for neon distict especially the mobile version. That could Brings back final fantasy 7 memory

Below is limited edition cryptopigs and axie infinity collaboration i succes to grab


Hello everybody, my name is patrick haas. I’ve been collecting cryptocurrencies for 2 years now. I do all this for my family in the hope that my daughter will live a better life as I do. I own only two nft s my favorite is the dragon of coingecko. I’m looking forward to being here from the very beginning.


This is really really cute


Is there still any available in the market? Want to collect them


Did u participate in the Neon District Founder’s Sale? Do you think its worth participating?


Wow! So many people in the forum now. A big difference but a welcome one for sure :smile: Here’s my introduction:

My name is Tony, and I’ve been introduced to this forum by Jin!

We met in Vietnam back then and just talked about random crypto related stuffs. Then Jin was the one who introduced me to NFTs where I went on to learn more about it myself. If you’re wondering, here’s a good post explaining why they’re running a NFT forum: Why would you want to start a NFT Forum?

NFT for me will be something quite special, and fits well with what blockchain was made to do. With the biggest use case being games, I see a big potential for it to bring in many people who have 0 idea about crypto.

Here’s my favorite NFT, hands down! (No value, but I just like it cause it’s damn cute :smiley:)

Rock on!

Congratulations to the second winner of NFTGecko x Boxswap giveaway!

Come join us in this community, its the first NFT forum in the market. I think its more about the problem of copyright here instead of licenses


I am Adinalini™ :smiley:
I have been in the NFT space since March 2018, when I bought my first ever Cryptokitty.
My first big purchase was in April, when I bought an Axie Origin in the presale.

I have a bunch of NFTs but my favourite one, which I’m very proud of :blush:


I identify myself with this cryptopunk and never intend to sell it. Neither do I ever intend to sell my first Axie that I bought :slight_smile:

Hope to meet many others in this space in this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Do u look very similar to this cryptopunk that’s why u’re not selling it?


Hello everyone my name is TheHermitMonk, Im a moderator and social media promoter for Chibifighters as well as an avid player. Its great game with lots of things to do includingPVP battles, adventures , fusing Chibis to create new ones and the multiplayer butcher game that you can get EthShards from that can be traded for Eth. If you have not checked this game out yet head over to the site using my link and claim a free offchain ChibiFighter to try the game out.

Join the discord group for any questions you may have.

Mythereum is the second game that I Moderate for as well as play almost everyday, I am actually hosting a tournament on April 14th with the top 4 players winning WarRider Vehicles.
The tournament will be played with the free cards only so everyone will have a chance to win.
Each account is allowed to claim 3 packs of cards, 30 cards total head over tho the site and claim yours now and get a few practice matches in before the tournament you wont want to miss this chance to win these Warriders vehicles.


I am also a waste land keeper over in the WarRider Discord Channel, which is also having a competition called Wanderer of the WasteLand, where for the next 2 Saturdays starting at 11am ESTwhere player have to drive their vehicles around the wasteland and find a statuette of the vehicle type they are driving so if you dont have a vehicle then it just gives you one more reason to want to join the tournament Im going to be hosting or go to the WarRider website and get a few.


Do i need to pay gas to claim the free ChibiFighters?

So i just need to get the free cards then i’m eligible for the tournament already?


Thanks for the welcome.
Well, I’m hoping for a cool-looking Axie next. But I’m more inclined to get the powerful ones, to rule at PVP.

No favorite Chibifighter. I got a free Chibi and I bought one other. I played with them for a month, but since I’m a sorta powergamer, who often wants the best stats, the next purchase will be directed at having very good traits.
Well the concept, that you can grind ETHShards that you can change into real currency makes it very enticing. On top of that there are some entertaining minigames, that you can play. And the search for loot to make your Chibi into a powerhouse :smile:

Forgot to tell, that I’m also really into the Enjin Collectibles.


Well I got my User key sent, and my Enjin-Token, but since I’m Hodling my cryptos for now, I didn’t participate in the sale yet.
But from what I can see so far, is that there are pretty intelligent people working there. So I don’t think Neon District will disappoint. Better Participate in that, especially when the sales were so high already.


Yes, find them in OpenSea


Hi everyone, happy to meet you ! :grinning:

My name’s Peter, but I’m more commonly known as pbock on the internet, and I discovered the whole blockchain space approximately 1 and a half years ago with Steemit.

Since then I’ve discovered numerous fun ways of earning cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are central to most of them !

I’ve submitted 3D Scenes to the Decentraland design competition, and hope to get a morsel of Land there, and have invested in a couple of crypto-gaming products like Neondistrict and Cryptominer World.

On a personal level, I create NFT-backed art on several platforms, like the CrystalsCraft collection on Counterparty or Eth-based token art on Superrare, Knownorigins and Makersplace

I love NFTs as a way to distribute individual digital items, and I think it will continue to evolve until we can possibly distribute anything from music, 3D printable files, high quality versions of publicly displayed artworks, etc…

My best crypto-art (well, in my opinion anyway… given it hasn’t sold I guess I’m pretty subjective :face_with_monocle:):