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Haha, yeah! :smile: I look pretty similar, and the purple cap is another nice addition as my favourite colour is purple :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello guys! First of all, this is a very nice looking forum, it breaths a fresh air unlike the BTCT forums! I also like its functions, for example I tried posting a link and I was informed that a similar link is already posted … also … achievements!!! oh this is a very nice place!

So, I go by the name RivAngE and you’ll usually find me using the avatar of a dog sitting in a computer and wearing a straw hat! If you’re a fan of One Piece like I am, then you might have noticed this straw hat I’m talking about ! :wink:

When I first heard of CryptoKitties I though “what a new useless thing did people invent to waste their money?”, I hadn’t immediately though of the usages the NFTs would have in the future. Then sometime in the future, about 6 months ago to be precise, I started thinking that maybe AAA games would have been developed using NFTs, and I started searching, watching videos and reading reviews. Finally I learnt of Axie Infinity and I was immediately hooked!
A game that combines action, thinking and high quality graphics!

Two of my rare Axies that make me proud are this winter-season limited version Axie,

And this beautiful Yen-eyes and “wet dog” body-shaped big guy,

Tip: Click on the above images to see them animate!!

Congratulations to our first winner of the NFTGecko x Boxswap giveaway!

Hi im P-J
Iike nft specially cryptokitties

You can check my collections here




Hello, My name is Aakash I am from India I love collecting rare collectible but sadly those collectibles sometimes become untradable because of various reason and now Is the era of digital collectibles which are more secure. Hence I shifted my focus to NFTs and started collecting them as many as I can. So that in future I can sell them and earn some big $$$.
I got a few Axie on my secondary wallet which I am currently breeding.


Hi everybody I’m @27aume

I’ve been initiated to NFT by coinGecko at the Christmas giveaway. I was already following the space but hadn’t took part yet. Now I have 2 Gecko NFTs, I also started playing Axie infinity last month and the community is amazing :blush:

What i particularly luv about NFTs is that it make digital good ownership a reality. Its also provide a lot more freedom around what you can do with your in-game and collectible assets.

My vision of the future fro NFTs is that certifications adn other documents that require proof of ownership will be NFTs. Making them almost impossible to duplicate since people will refer to their on chain IDs. Also this will save time and resources which is good for us and our planet.

Here’s is a glimps of my NTF collection:
Screenshot_2019-04-09%20BlueFuzz Screenshot_2019-04-09%20Mosquaxiers Screenshot_2019-04-09%20Shy-yen


No gas needed to claim the free Chibi. :slight_smile:

And ya you need to claim the free cards, which also doesnt require gas then sign up to the tournam,net under battles/tournament tab.



My name is Shailesh, but in crypto world I am mainly known as Cryptlesh. I am a software engineer. I got to know about Blockchain gaming assets when crypto kitties came in 2017 and showed that how much powerful NFT concept is as well as how much powerful block chain transactions needs to be to handle it :wink:
But mainly I come to know about NFTs in details because of Enjin project. I don’t remember how exactly all this started, but while collecting free FTs and NFTs I realized how this is bringing revolution in digital virtual goods, mainly in gaming sector but not just limited to.

Providing true ownership with Blockchain technology backing, and tokenizing digital asset with unique properties for each is showing great potential in gaming world. It is just like holding a celebrity picture but with his own legit autograph on it which makes it special from other common pictures

The idea of MFT is just started to realize it’s potential and it will be explored more in near future. I see many artists utilizing it to monetize their digital art is just a one of many examples.

The gaming industry is crazily expanding and showing great potential in NFTs. e.g. the sword I am holding in 9 Lives Arena is of same type of my opponent’s sword however my sword has different stats giving me added advantage over using it. So far my favorites NFTs are from games 9LivesArena, AgeOfRust, Alterverse, Cryptofight, CnM, Oink, plasma bear, Neon District and I am holding them.


Hey everybody, I’m Barnicl3s! I’m a gamer at heart and very passionate about technology and the future. When I first discovered NFT’s, it was like a dream come true. Finally, a way to actually be rewarded for the time and effort so many of us put into the games we play. I truly believe that NFT’s and dapp games will help lead us into the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies as well as a new era dominated by virtual and augmented realities.

Here are some of my most treasured NFT’s:

  1. A Mystic Origin Axie I won in the Axie Infinity Discord from one of the community devs named Coco for rolling a 997/1000 on an automated dice.

  2. Primasham, the 3rd and final evolved form of Lemeeni in the game Etheremon. Etheremon was the first dapp game I got into and Primasham is a resemblance of all the hard work I’ve put in.

  3. Sea Lord, my rare Slate Gray coated Z6 racehorse from This is the newest dapp game I’ve gotten into and it is incredibly intriguing to me.


Chibifighter sounds really interesting, seems like i should start getting into it. Have always thought that its just a very basic collectibles


I can’t wait for Neondistrict to be live too, i got a feeling that its going to be amazing :star_struck:
What is cryptominer world? Never heard of it

Never heard of these NFT arts projects as well, can you write a post on the detailed info on these arts? I really interested and curious why are there so many NFT arts projects

Wow! the design is amazing! U designed it urself?


Hi RivAngE! Welcome to NFTGecko forum. We would be very excited for you to share around with your friends who are interested in NFTs as well to come and join us here. We will do our best in ensuring the best experience for every user here.

Wow! love your Axies collection! Yes NFT also appeared to be a crazy idea initially but the underlying power of it is really limitless. Really look forward to see the development in this sector, hence we started this NFT forum.

We also met the Axie Infinity team in Vietnam during our previous business trip there. They are really cool guys and working hard to really improve the NFT Gaming experience, would definitely support them whenever possible :muscle:


Hi @27aume! Welcome to our NFTGecko forum. Really appreciate that you have supported our team in CoinGecko since the launch of our first NFT during Christmas. I’m so glad that you are here in this forum, hope you will enjoy your journey here with us for the coming days to see the NFT space grow together :blush:

You are right, there are alot of possible actual use cases for NFTs, one of the is copyrights in my opinion. With copyrights certification and proof of ownership, it will definitely help to solve alot of piracy issues that we are currently facing with the growth of internet.


Yes, especially with the partnership of Enjin with Samsung. That is a really huge step forward for NFT space.

Hmm… I wasn’t aware about most of these names that you mentioned. Could you share more about each of these projects?


hey there, did you end up getting a 3rd Axie? If you join the discord and ask for The_Jiho I will send you one!


Howdy Toowet :slight_smile:

Cryptominer world is a “mining” game dapp, you basicly have different gem workers that can be at different ages, conditions, etc. that affect how much they can mine on your plots of land. the plots of land themselves are bought from varying countries.
I just think the idea sounds fun, and they’re planning to have each plot of land contain a chest at the very bottom, and the presale lands have a chance at having some big prize at the bottom.

Baiscly just another Dapp that sold on the premise of monetary rewards for early investors. I had some eth to play around with at the time so I got in early. hoping it’ll be interesting.

Although I was also one of the first thousand or so on cryptokitties and miserably failed at realizing a profit, so who know :thinking:

I’ll get around to writing a post on the different platforms as soon as I have the time :slight_smile:
Their raison d’etre varies between “support the artists with monetary contributions” and “art is a rare collectible, invest and resell once the artists is well known !”

Personally I just find it fun to make these artworks, and sometimes I get a sale (though I haven’t had one on SuperRare for a month now, I sold a piece a few days ago on Makersplace)

Lately my inspiration has been coming from replaying the Myst games, trying to drive support for their kickstarter

In a manner of speaking, yes :slight_smile:

I use a tool called Weavesilk to draw abstract forms and shapes, then process them with a dozen or so different Creative Common images I find online using the Deep Style AI algorithm. I then retouch the outputs using the GIMP image editing software, adjusting luminosity, symmetry, etc.


Thanks in here again for the Third Axie! I really really appreciate it :heart:
Now I can start for real with the Axie gameplay :smirk:
Now I’m indirectly a winner already from the introductory Thread haha


Hi everyone!

I’m Jihoz-- Growth Lead at Axie Infinity.

My mission is to help the Axie community scale to tens of thousands and eventually millions of users.

You can learn more about my journey in the nft space through this article:

Also this AMA:

You can always find me in the Axie discord. Just give me a shout at The_Jiho in there and I’ll be happy to chat!


This primate looking Etheremon looks really legit and looks strong too


Awesome! Hi everyone, here i Ahmad Chomaesi from Indonesia

NFT will bloom this year i think, i like more NFT than FT instead. The bright future is await!
My beloved axies is here