Introduce Yourself - Welcome to NFTGecko Forum!


Hi @lucasgabd welcome to NFTGecko! Super happy to see you sharing your favorite Axie all the way from Brazil. We are many miles away as we are located in Malaysia over here. Your Axie looks really awesome. I have not heard of Plasma Bears before and I learnt something new from you today. They look super adorable!


Hey @Marcus, welcome to NFTGecko. Really happy that you got a Red Gecko!
Out of curiosity, just wondering how much did you pay to buy that from another member of the community?


Welcome to the community. Your Axie looks adorable!


Hi @exHuman, welcome to this forum. Your Yak Axie looks nice. I didn’t know such yak axies exist!

You mentioned that you are a full-time NFT trader. Just wondering which NFTs do you trade often? How many trades do you make per day or month? If we would like to be an NFT trader as well, how can we learn the trade and be good at it too?

Maybe do you want to consider creating a Polish section on NFTGecko and we can pull all the Polish NFT traders to discuss here? We can help support you in this and provide you with resources to grow the community!


Heya everyone, nice to be part of this new community forum. I found out about nft few months ago and the journey was fun met a lot of cool people. I love gaming so much so blockchain and gaming is like perfect marriage. Having known enjin was the best thing ever happen. I love how the integration going for enjin on the gaming community. The first ever group i joined in telegram was also an nft community and the very first item i won was a token made by the owner. Hope i can know more about future of nft in here.


What was the item u won?


That would be really cool & awesome! Until now, I tried to interest the topic of NFT to the traders on strictly from the crypto and forex market, but now I know that I have to look for NFT lovers more among players / gamers than traders. Such a special section for Poles would be a great help <3 I even have such long guide / tutorial on the medium which describes the exact mechanics of the game Axie infinity and how to use tools for NFT trading like BoxSwap. Everything in Polish. The only such an extensive text in my opinion on the internet in this language.


The cryptotips token below my comment.


Hello there! This is Alxo, the CryptoKitties addict. I’m all about finding and creating new experiences for our tokens. Looking forward to some interesting conversations here!

This kitty is my pride and joy


haha, so many Gecko temples. Very nice!


Hello all.
I’m Tony from Texas.
I love the NFT world and have collected a few so far.

My favorite NFT is my CoinGecko EGG, the Genesis of the entire Gecko family.
I am patiently waiting for it to hatch…

Now wouldn’t that be something, if the NFT’s in your wallet had the ability to morph and change in something better than you originally had.

I see a great future for NFTs. The possibilities run rampant inside my mind. I will share those ideas in this forum.

Congratulations to the second winner of NFTGecko x Boxswap giveaway!

Yes, NFT is not all about trading and gaining profits only. It is interesting because it has a fundamental value of empowering everyone to gain ownership of their own assets where it was impossible in any traditional industry. NFTs are definitely still in very early stages, but we believe that it will grow tremendously over the years.

Love the comprehensive guide you have there, the NFT space really needs contributors such as yourself to keep it growing. Really excited to have you here with us in this community.


We are very excited on how NFT will grow into as well. Yes i’m holding the Gecko Egg as well, patiently waiting for it to hatch. The transformation and growth capability of NFTs is really something very exciting for us to look into. There are still alot of space for improvement, so lets all work together in making NFTs more exciting! :smiley:



I am Nick Mudge. I am the creator of, which is a platform for creating valuable cryptocollectibles called mokens.


Howdy. Found you all from your post on

Very cool you all are getting into this scene.


Hi I love your red gecko and egg NFTs I’m XanderXio it’s good to be here


Nice to see this… And more happy to see active acounts here


Hey man, much love from India. It is always an amazing sight to see a brother from India, knowing the tight crypto soft-ban, it is not easy to get into the space. Love your axies btw :smiley:


Hello Nick!

Welcome to our forum. Cool project you have there, but it is my first time hearing about Mokens. Would you mind creating a new post with full detailed and explanation about your project? Would love to know more about it


Hey man, we are trying our best to bootstrap this forum and we are very excited to have you here with us.