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Hello Alxo! Yes i love cryptokitties as well, i have a dozen of them in my portfolio :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to have you here with us and your kitty sure looks cute and innocent :heart_eyes:


What’s A bit confuse on how i should use it when i go to the site


It’s a site where you can make posts, and people can upvote using crypto. So, in short, you can earn for making posts.


9Lives Arena

This is PvP RPG game and Alpha release is scheduled to release end of this April or early May. Apart from graphics of this game there are three special things I would like to mention

  1. Story line: Here you train your self in training arena and when you are ready you get into battle arena and challenge other person. If you die 9 times in battle arena your character dies and it creates one statue of yours in your training arena. Which can be sold later on like your achievements you went through all 9 lives
    When you first time get into battle arena you lock all your weapons and armor. When you die 9th time you lose all your weapons and armor
  2. Blue print: Game sells weapons blue print which anyone can bought and craft their own weapon. Stats of each weapon and randomly defined. So no pay to win concept. You can sell crafter weapons to gamers.
  3. Oogie: this is assistant which works for you 24/7 and you can manage him from mobile app. He will help you to craft weapons or unlock spells etc all even when you are not playing.


This is coming with 17 total games. First game is Disruption which is space ship quest. Special about this is they sell servers which you can host and do business the way you want. Like I can invite players to play quest which I can setup and charge them fees to play. It is all upto server/ship owner. So ship owners can earn from it. They can also sell or rent 32 crew rooms of ship where room owners can sit and relax. It is VR supported game.

Age Of Rust (edited)
A Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Adventure Game

It is first person puzzle adventure action game. In this you can win 20 BTC price too.

Will post details around other games also.


Hey, I’m Russ!

I’m the biggest fan of NFTs due to true ownership and the decentralization behind it. Growing up I always had this looming sadness playing video games knowing that eventually servers would retire and any investment of time would be a wash. I love the idea of the power being dispersed to the players and allowing (us) to have a say in how the game is built out.

I started enjoying NFTs when I saw Crypto Space Commanders on the trust wallet late one evening. I quickly joined the discord and telegram and immediately became an ultra-fan (Hi Faz!). From there I explored into Decentraland, Axie Infinity and several others. The communities behind these projects are so top notch that’s it hard not to enjoy.

My Favorite NFT right now is the Dapp Radar Oscillator



Wow! This is my first time getting to know these games as well. Great to see more and more Enjin based games popping up. Seems like these 2 games are not live yet, can’t wait to start playing it :grinning:


This is my first time coming across Crypto Space Commander, looks like it is something worth looking into. Yes totally agree with you, we met the team for Decentralnd, Axie, and Etheremon, and the team is definitely working very hard to get things growing for the game and the NFT ecosystem itself


Howdy. I’m J.R. and I’m new to the world of crytpo. I’m looking forward to learning more and becoming more active.
I’m pretty sure I’m too late for the contest that directed me here, but I wanted to say hi anyway!


I’m Trislit, Im an active discord member in a lot of projects, and like to try new dapps whenever I have the funds. I’m particularly active in decentraland and cryptovoxels, and I am attempting to build out some districts in both. specifically anarchy in decentraland and fantasy fields in cryptovoxels. I enjoy talking about projects as well, and I truly feel nft based games and transfer networks are the future. It’s the only way to move to a place where individuals can have the potential to be properly rewarded for there efforts. One NFT I really like is my central castle in cryptovoxels


Hi JR, welcome to NFTGecko! Really glad to have you here despite you missed the contest

But no worries, there will definitely another contest coming, so feel free to stick around and join in the conversations :smiley:


Hi Trislit,

welcome to NFTGecko!

It is great to hear that you have been really active in NFT communities of decentraland and cryptovoxels. The NFT space really needs communities like yourself to grow tremendously over the coming times.

That is definitely a really great castle. Looking forward to you building more bigger castles in cryptovoxels :heart_eyes:


Ahh missed the deadline nevertheless…
Im MJ Moonbow musician and crypto enthusiast…
I started with NFT this year as i discoverd MarbleCards. Really got addictd to it :slight_smile: in a good way…
I think NFT is the way to go for blockchain…
Whats the thing about Marblecards?
You search for URLs mainly for good pictures and good titles on specific sites like coingecko, gamepedia, national geographic and many more.
If you found one, you need to check on the marble site if its already occupied by someone else. You only can marble every URL once…
if it aint marbled before you give it a go… and pay 0.011 ETH to marble it. After a initial 12 hours auction, the card is transfered into your wallet. If someone buys the card during the initial auction you get 30% of the price at least 0.02 (roundabout)
Now curious?
Thats how they look like
I also use it to bring my own (cover)-art on the chain… really cool :slight_smile:


HAHAHA I cracked up at the Bitconnect one you definitely got yourself a gem my dude. I love Marble Cards too. I minted one card for fun too back then:

Looking to mint more cards for sure, just haven’t been looking around enough :tired_face:

Anyway, welcome to the NFTGecko forums! Feel free to ask around or start a new thread if you’ve got any questions! Looking forward to talking to you more in the forums :slight_smile:

And also, we’ll definitely be doing some more giveaways in the future so stay tuned!


Oh thats a nice card too with a good lvl on it…
you really should check for more cards :slight_smile and get addicted like myself :slight_smile:


Why Bitconnect? :scream:


Cause i like the spirit of Carlos lol…
Thinking about a little scam collection or fail… also marbled cryptopia lol

#98 Christmas is here early just wanna remind our fellow crypto enthusiasts on this piece of gold. Bitconnect died for this!


Oh before I forget! Hi guys, I go by Hsin and I’m new to the exciting new space that is crypto. Surely for an uncharted territory we’re bound to discover many interesting development as well as potential memes (I daresay very high potential) for good laughs. Looking forward to future interactions with the community! :grin:


DustyJoe in the house! Buy them all ERC721 NFTs and gonna open an NFT virtual museum

There are no better use case for collectibles other than keeping them in museums and sell them to the billionaires :moneybag:


Hahaha who doesn’t! He did bad things but… just so meme-able in this space now. Hey hey hey wasso wasso wasssooooo! Cracks me up everytime, but I look like a fool when I use this joke since a lot of people don’t know him :joy:

Hello there! Welcome welcome. :smile: You’re definitely right that this space is super meme-able lol. So much to go around. Good or bad times there’s always reason to make a meme out of it!

Hey there DustyJoe! Have you met Cotton-eyed Joe? Not sure where he went or where he came from. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just messing around, welcome to the NFTGecko forums! And yes, good luck to you and all your collectibles :slight_smile: What say you show some of them to us here?