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Hahaha yeah… im not sure if he did the things with a bad attitude or he just believed in it…
But yeah, i also said wasasasa to someone and just got a weird look lol

Its really cool to be a part of this new NFT… never thought i would put money into something like that hahaha…
really a year ago i would told you, thats not gonna happen…


Hahah hey hey heyyyy. We’ve all been there I guess we just all look like weirdos now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good to have you around too man. Introduce me to cool projects every now and then! And true, a year ago I never even stopped to think about NFT at all. Now it just is something pretty interesting to look at!


1. Introduce yourself
Hey, I’m Rene the project lead of We are building an advanced 3D browser game on top of Ethereum. Chainbreakers provides the biggest Decentraland launch title which will involve LAND investors. We provide revenue shares in exchange for content hosting.

Chainbreakers allows players to turn their playtime into money. This is accomplished with reward pools that are filled by in-game purchase and microtransactions. Those pools are then redistributed to the players according to their performance. We also enable players to lend out their items and trained units.

“Players can lend out their powerful items and trained units for a certain period of time. This way they can monetize their own investment by selling shortcuts to other players. Chainbreakers enables players to use their items while playing and to earn money while being busy with other things in life.”

Full article:

2. What do you like about NFT and what do you think about NFT’s future?
I’ve collected many different NFTs during the last year and love the concept behind NFT technology. We start to see increasing utility for non-fungible tokens and more complex applications build around those assets. Our team has partnered with Neon District and we already have some nice ideas to utilize each others tokens.

3. Show us your NFT (Any will do!)
A friend from the ecosystem has gifted me this particular NFT. It’s a great example for NFT technology because it is officially licenced by the MLB (Major League Baseball). Officially licenced collectibles might bring NFTs closer to mainstream adoption. I own NFTs of more than 20 different projects which I hope to succeed.