Introduce Yourself - Welcome to NFTGecko Forum!


Hahah hey hey heyyyy. We’ve all been there I guess we just all look like weirdos now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Good to have you around too man. Introduce me to cool projects every now and then! And true, a year ago I never even stopped to think about NFT at all. Now it just is something pretty interesting to look at!


1. Introduce yourself
Hey, I’m Rene the project lead of We are building an advanced 3D browser game on top of Ethereum. Chainbreakers provides the biggest Decentraland launch title which will involve LAND investors. We provide revenue shares in exchange for content hosting.

Chainbreakers allows players to turn their playtime into money. This is accomplished with reward pools that are filled by in-game purchase and microtransactions. Those pools are then redistributed to the players according to their performance. We also enable players to lend out their items and trained units.

“Players can lend out their powerful items and trained units for a certain period of time. This way they can monetize their own investment by selling shortcuts to other players. Chainbreakers enables players to use their items while playing and to earn money while being busy with other things in life.”

Full article:

2. What do you like about NFT and what do you think about NFT’s future?
I’ve collected many different NFTs during the last year and love the concept behind NFT technology. We start to see increasing utility for non-fungible tokens and more complex applications build around those assets. Our team has partnered with Neon District and we already have some nice ideas to utilize each others tokens.

3. Show us your NFT (Any will do!)
A friend from the ecosystem has gifted me this particular NFT. It’s a great example for NFT technology because it is officially licenced by the MLB (Major League Baseball). Officially licenced collectibles might bring NFTs closer to mainstream adoption. I own NFTs of more than 20 different projects which I hope to succeed.



Bitshares Media (BTSMD) is a coin used for digital media innovation. btsmd is used on many digital projects such as social media, online games, decentralized exchange, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence etc.

Decentralized Exchange
By using DEX trading, it can be the safest solution from hackers and theft.

BTSMD Market
Buying and selling any services, physical or digital products, new or seconds, are now possible by using BTSMD as the tool to pay for.

BTSMD Social
The features of social media are unique and excellent. It connects all people for Blockchain interest.

ADS Manager
Advertise your product and service based on your target audience you want by using coin BTSMD.

Game Credit
Our time has been developing a game by using BTSMD as credit.

artificial intelligence
Based on our Road Map schedule, we will try for AI technology in our product: Bubu puzzle.

google authenticator
Improve account security by using Google Authenticator.

KYC Verification
We require KYC to avoid money laundering with BTSMD.

Bubu puzzle
Bubu is the letter our team has created and used in our program, Bubu puzzle.



Hello I’m here also , feels good to be a part of such family. I love NFT items


Hello I’m Chris Sanyo,
Happy to be here, I love NFT and I believe it’s gonna be the next bug thing to hold in this virtual realm.
I haven’t got an NFT yet I hope to receive some


Hi Chris,

Welcome to NFTGecko! There are alot of NFT enthusiast and airdrops being posted here as well, come and hangout here more and feel free to ask us anything.


Welcome to the forums, @Christensen! Feel free to ask us if you have any questions :smile:


Happy to join this community of fellow NFT collectors. Recently got into my first Skullys collectible with these new pirate skulls I found on DappRadar. I see they’re new. Kinda fun since it’s not too hard to use and I can earn a bit of coin raising my pirate flag… sort of like what real pirates did back in the day. Below is my Skully and first NTF. Aztec! Pretty bad ass! Will probably pick up a few more and try some of their booters. Check them out here.

Happy Collecting!


Skullys looks really awesome and interested, although it might give some of the kids nightmares :joy:


They got a giveaway:


Hi There!

My name is Max Hatchwell founder of Crypto Gamers

Crypto Gamers is dedicated to pushing the blockchain gaming industry towards mass adoption. :video_game::joystick:

Find the latest news, reviews of the most exciting releases for the blockchain gaming industry.

Crypto Gamers is a global marketing platform specializing in Blockchain Gaming Industry building a blockchain gaming environment that embraces honesty, loyalty, and camaraderie above all else to create a unique emotional connection for brands and the best quality player acquisitions for blockchain gaming platforms, we’ve been helping Blockchain games to get traction and to provide them not only the much-needed visibility but also quality connections, advice, and the community support.


Hello everyone, this is Dan, CEO and co-founder of

I (we) believe the future of digital goods, receipts, and certifications will become NFT-on-a-blockchain-dominant. The use cases for NFT are ultimately infinite. Currently, blockchain gaming and collectibles are huge markets for NFT, we build tools facilitating research and informed speculation of assets as well as write articles weekly about different topics surrounding non-fungibility!

Over the next few months, we will be releasing several features to assist the community in managing their collections/portfolios as well as providing advanced tools/services for researching various NFT projects. We work with several VC for identification and due-diligence about new and upcoming projects they have interest in.

Looking forward to the next years as NFT become an industry-standard in gaming!!


Hey everyone!

I’m Oliver and I’ve been collecting NFTS and working in the space for the last year, but have been in the crypto space for around 6/7 years now.

I work with the BlockRocket team on a few different projects:

KnownOrigin - A fully ERC-721 primary marketplace for original NFT art.

CryptoKaiju - The world’s first example of physical collectibles linked to NFTS. Every few months we release a batch of new vinyl toys, each of which is linked to an NFT making every single toy unique. Our latest release is a 7.5" CryptoKitty that is backed by a real CryptoKitty 1:1. -

Nifty Football - A football (Or soccer if you prefer to call it that) collectibles game where players can collect provably scarce digital trading cards and build the best squads which can then be used in games against each other. The cards are beautifully designed and include art by acclaimed Manchester based artist Stanley Chow.


Hi everybody,

My name is Roman and I’ve been excited about the NFT space for a few months now. Happy to have found this community!

My main interest is seeing the NFT space grow beyond gaming, there is huge potential for many other use cases. I’ve started creating digital trading cards for historical figures. Putting General Lee on the blockchain - why not, right? I will keep you posted :grinning:


I am very happy to reach here.


Late intro, sorry! I’m Daniele and I’m building mouserBoard, a community for crypto-gamers where your in-game reputation counts.
One-click login with your wallet. Currently supporting CryptoKitties and Cheeze Wizards.
I built also bots to query NFT stats on Twitter and Discord:
Happy to be part of this forum!