Introducing Nifty Football


Hi everyone,

I’m Ollie and I work with the Blockrocket team. We are the creators of &,

We are pleased to announce that today we have launched Nifty Football which is an Ethereum powered football (Or soccer if you prefer to call it that) collectibles game where players can collect provably scarce digital trading cards and build the best squads which can then be used in games against each other. The cards are beautifully designed and include art by acclaimed Manchester based artist Stanley Chow.

Initially, we are launching with players from 6 nationalities, 30 kits, and 26 colourways, meaning that within the first series there will be 10’s of thousands of combinations of cards available. Cards will be sold as blind packs in multiples of 3 which are randomly generated with some traits more scarce than others.

I am interested to hear everyone’s thoughts. If you have any questions then please let me know. I’ve included a link to the game and some more information below:



A new blockchain game. Nice!

Good luck with Nifty Football


The concept of Nifty Football is really cool!

I was looking into MLB Champions the other day and was thinking if we could do similar for football and today i see this :+1:

Questions, are each of these football cards limited edition as in they are created one card per football player only? Similar to the concept of MLB Champions for baseball. Second question is what would the gameplay be like? I’m imagining this would be like Fifa’19 where each player in the game is a unique NFT by itself, this would be really really attractive and each of the player’s cards would reflect their actual value based on how they perform in real life as well


Fifa is bae
If this game is going to be a tokenized version of Fifa i’m an all in to Nifty Football as well
Glance through the site and there were no indications of any sorts of gameplay yet, it is just TCG at the moment, and there is no way of identifying which are the best cards at the moment