Kingdom Karnage Pre-Sale



Early access tokens and some other goodies


This is a pre-sale and not giveaway? :no_mouth:


Is Kingdom Karnage worth the buy?
It is not convincing that the developers behind this game is actually putting down all the real efforts, especially after watching the video on their site
Seems like its just another NFT project trying to raise money and by copying the code of a 10 year old mini game and implementing NFT to it.


Yes I believe it’s a presale


Personally I think it’s a fun TCG. Nothing serious but entertaining nonetheless. Probably not for the hardcore gamer.

We can’t say what the value of the assets will be worth someday.


Here’s a little insight into the game. The play for keeps mode sounds interesting. It increases the stakes making for more interesting gameplay.


Kepithor Studios doing a giveaway


Can i have my cryptokitties and blockchain cuties playable in this game?


That would be awesome if you could. It’s up to the dev to implement that.


:heart_eyes: Giveaways are always the good stuff


Awesome, thanks for sharing the info man