KotoWars Arena β€” Play with your cryptokitties to earn even more cryptokitties! UPD: 100 cryptokitties giveaway



In this article, we gathered all the necessary information about KotoWars game mechanics and modes of the game where players could compete for free CK-NFTs bi-weekly.
Feel free to ask any questions :cat:


We made a video of KotoWars gameplay with all the latest features and improvements.
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We hold a giveaway and send 100 cryptokitties to the users who retweet our tweet and send a message with their Dapper wallet to the #giveaway channel


Hey Purriors!

Arena Season 4 and Stitches Invasion Season 16 have started!
The KAT, WCK tokens and cryptokitties have been distributed among the players.

You can find ERC20 tokens on etherscan under ERC20 Token Txns tab

You can find the champions of Stitches Invasion Season 15 and Arena Season 3 via the links below:


And the cryptokitties giveaway is still live: