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At the CoinGecko telegram group there was a post about the site and because I’m interested in these newly upcoming NFT projects for collector items on the blockchain, I decided to mint some Marble cards just to see what happens and to collect some. You can pick a picture from a website that they have added to the available websites you can mint from and mint a MarbleCard from the picture that you have chosen under the condition that nobody already picked that picture from that particular page before, because the same URL cannot be used a second time for minting a MarbleCard since every MarbleCard is uniqe and only 1 item of each exists in the entire universe which authenticity will be verified by the blockchain consensus algorithm and that’s great because you don’t need to ask an expert to look at the item for you to see if the item is genuine.

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It’s fun to hunt for the best pictures not already chosen by others every time a new website becomes available for minting the MarbleCards. It can be quite addictive so I think there is big growing potential for this NFT project.

In the link below you’ll find the MarbleCards that I’ve minted thus far.
Collection of MarbleCards minted by myself


Hey @Goldberg, thanks for sharing about your Marble Cards! May I ask which is your favorite Marble Cards?

Yes, indeed there Patrick Lemelin asked today in our Telegram channel two questions:

  1. How do I collect marbles cards
  2. How do I see my marble cards

Do you have a guide about Marble Cards that will be helpful for beginners?


Oh my sorry my favorited card is number 4


My favorite Marble card that I don’t own and didn’t mint myself is Marble card #179 Halfin - “Running bitcoin” From my own minting I like the Marble card #10537 CypherFabergé the most.

For beginners who want to mint Marble Cards they first have to (if they didn’t yet) install the MetaMask wallet. On YouTube Rex Kneisley has a good tutorial on that topic. How to Install and Fund the MetaMask Wallet

Then on the Marble cards home page you can connect with MetaMask as your login account. On the home page there is a simple 3 step tutorial how to marble a card and there is more explanation in the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.


Hi Palem,

When you are logged in at Marble Cards then on the Create New Card page you see 3 options.

  1. My Cards
  2. My initial auctions
  3. Claim Cards
    After you created a card it will first automatically be placed in the auctions section for sale. You can see the by you created card in the “My initial auctions” Anyone can see the auction and buy the card. If someone else buys it, you are paid a % in creator’s fee. If no-one buys it before the auction time runs out you get it. You also have the option to buy it in the auction and get the finder’s fee as a discount. The current creator reward/discount is 30%.

After the auction time has run out you can see your card in the Claim Cards tab. There you can claim the card and transfer it to your MetaMask wallet. All you pay is the GAS fee for the Ethereum blockchain. When the transfer is confirmed you can see your Marble Card under the tab “My Cards” and you’re the owner of it.


Ive tried minting but most of url i check is not available said


Hey @P-J! That means that the card has already been taken by someone else.

That’s the beauty of Marble Cards - each page can only be “minted” into a card once, so you know if you have it, it’ll be unique! :smile:


@Goldberg thanks for the helpful guide!
Did you know CoinGecko was the second website in the Marble Cards collection?
Hope you managed to pick up some good CoinGecko marbled pages when it was made available to marble.


Yes I did get one that’s really awesome cause the title is “Meet the Gecko” there are some that took the same icon from another page but those didn’t have such a nice title.
It’s kind of a supplement to the CoinGecko items that I’m collecting.


Sometimes when you click on a picture to enter the page of that picture and copy the URL of that page you get an rejection in the Marble cards app. Then you can try right-click on a picture or icon and then in the menu select for “copy link location” or right click on the link and then select “copy link location” and then paste that in the Marble cards app. Sometimes that works better but not if someone else already took it.


First time getting in touch with Marble Cards
So its like the card is minted based on website url?
So what is the underlying value of the card, should it represent the value of the site itself?
For instance CoinGecko is very high valued website, so does it mean that the marble card of CoinGecko’s website is going to worth alot?


Well for me it’s that I like the design of the CoinGecko Icon and I have some other NFT’s from CoinGecko so it’s supplemental to my collection. And every collector can have its own reasons to like a card. For example there are Coca-Cola collectors that might like a Coca-Cola Marble card. From every Marble card there is only one in the world. That‘s what makes it non fungible. The marble patterns are all different and Marble uses an algorithm with different inputs such as content popularity, site quality etc. and based on that a unique artwork is created for each card. Better attributes = a more beautiful card.

Then the cards in the markets place when you click on it for the details and scroll down to the page, there is a rating like for example: common Level 24. I don’t know where that rating is based on.
It’s up to you and the community to decide what is valuable.


That is a great concept, but it seems like other than being a collectible, Marble cards could not be used for any other activities such as gameplays?

I think collectibles such as Axies and Etheremons have more value because there is a gameplay behind it to attract players in getting better collectibles and items to win the battles or the game


Hey Goldberg!

That’s really an awesome page to collect! Wow, I haven’t thought of marbling that page at all when it first came out. Love it! :smile:


Interesting. I didn’t know there are ratings for Cards as well.
Johan, the founder of Marble Cards one day messaged me on Telegram. Initially, I was a little bit lost on this idea but after a while, I soon realized what an ingenious idea to minting new NFTs. Never thought such an idea is even possible in the first place!


If a website/app grows over time to deserve better attributes. I supposed the old marbling algorithm stays in the card.
The old marbling of the past becomes a collector’s attribute?


As soon as you marbled a card I’t will be placed on the auction. If it got sold you get 30% of the amount where it’s sold for, so you can earn money right away. Then if the card is not sold you can claim it for free. You’ll only pay the GAS fee to transfer it in your own wallet. And then you can put it on the market set your own price and sell it. The cards that you marble will get a rank in the range Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary

and that makes it more exciting. I marbled 2 Epic cards but of course I’m after a Legendary card to get.

For me the game is the contest to marble the most beautiful or most original card and get the best pictures as soon as another website becomes available for marbling. And the websites that are yet available for marbling, I can browse for hours to find these special forgotten or undiscovered pictures and url’s.


Well, for now, the gameplay relies on battles in their Discord (and there are a lot of them with a lot of theme !) but they plan to extend it to their website soon or later. They started to work on it a week ago

I’ve got around 180 Marblecards, I can’t wait to have this mode online ^^


would be nice if this somehow turns into Cards Against Humanity or the likes of it