Most Expensive NFT?



Is the Enjin Monolith the most expensive NFT?


Still seems to be cheaper than Cryptokitties?


Holy crap 600 ETH. Yep that’s the most expensive NFT.

The Monolith does pale in comparison :smiley:


Gods unchained card also traded at high price at $60k


Just next to Black Lotus. Wouldn’t mind having one of those.


Buying a black lotus now is easier to sell to a willing buyer, i am not sure about Hyperion


Yesterday F1 1-1-1 was sold for 419Eth - new record in Eth, but not in USD ($106k)


I wonder if these rich folks who buy these NFTs are investors or just die hard fans


I’m imagining that most of them are people who got really rich investing into Ethereum early on. There may be some rich fans too, but I’m betting my money on the majority of the whales in the space being early Eth investors. :smile:


Right. They’re probably like us but got lucky with early investments.


Yeah, must be pretty fun to be them. Loads of Eth to play around so they can afford to buy all the bling blings in the NFT space :joy:


I bet we’d also do that if we had a ton of crypto :smiley:


I … totally would :joy:


All hands on deck say no more. I’d be getting myself some of the blings too! :joy:


That confirms that the whales that buy those items are just like us… only richer :smiley:


meanwhile i notice DCL lands are getting a bit cheaper