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Welcome to the world of CryptantCrab, where PVP rankings actually matter.

In how many PVP Games you know, do leaderboards actually matter? Does your position in the leaderboard reward you, or are they simply a way of showing off? Not in this one. You’ll get to strut your rank AND be rewarded.

In CryptantCrab, Your ranking in the Arena is directly tied to the rewards (worth ETH) you’ll receive at the end of each season, making each season gripping and meaningful.


Recently, we’ve up the antics by adding a new feature: Challenge. Now you can directly challenge players in the higher echelon of Battle Arena, and steal their Ranking Points ! Of course, this won’t be easy, you’re up against other human, intelligent players. They’ll have a Core Team set to guard their ranks, which can be changed on the fly if they wanted to switch up their strategies. Perhaps a reaction to your break-ins?

Join us and be part of a thriving PVP Blockchain Game community! It’s a bloodbath here.

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What are CryptantCrabs?

CryptantCrabs are non-fungible tokens you can hatch, modify, trade, and battle with in the Arena.

These crabs are hardy, capable of surviving in any environment. Be it the unforgiving seas, volcanic domes, derelict mines, bellicose forests, or even the ghastly realm of spirits; the chaotic world of these critters has shaped them into unstoppable forces .

Their adaptability can be attributed to their ability to mutate their parts, save for their body and heart - which are core to their identity.

Each crab is born with 5 parts - Body, Left Claw, Right Claw, Legs, and Crab Heart . Through a special DNA material called Cryptant , you will be able to modify your crabs by mutating their limbs to create the perfect Digital Battler on the blockchain!


Arena Prizes

Arena prizes are split into 4 different tiers for all participants.

[Hero] Rank 1 - 5 will receive at least 1 Crab egg, 4 Cryptants, and a Crab Token to enter the Tournament, where an ETH prize pool is constantly building up!

[Elite] Rank 6 - 20 will receive 1 crab egg and/or Cryptant, and a Crab Token.

[Warrior] Rank 21 - 50 will receive 4 Cryptant or 2.3 Cryptant depending on Arena placement.

[Soldier] Rank 51 and below will receive 0.8 Cryptant.

Arena will also reward 19 Lucky participants with In-Game items!

All players ranked elite or below are eligible for a Lucky Prize, ranging from 3 crab tokens, 3 crab eggs, and 8.5 Cryptants.

All players ranked elite or below will be eligible for one Ghost Fossil equipment that will last for 5 days, boosting your crab’s capabilities for your next Arena Run.

For battle mechanics, check out our Battle Arena Guide:


Personalize Your Crabs

Crafting your ideal Crab is an art. Not everyone appreciates it, but connoisseurs will have a taste for it. There are two ways to personalize your killer crustaes on the blockchain: Mutations and Xenografts.

For more details, read our Modifications Guide below:


How to Play CryptantCrab

For newcomers - Visit the Beginner’s Guide to get a basic understanding of CryptantCrab and how to play! You can always scroll up for a Basic 101 as well.

For veterans only - Advanced Guide contains details on our Battle Formula, equipments NFT’s, Ghost fossils and more.