NFT Giveaways and Sales



Creating this post for all giveaway campaigns or contests. Feel free to share all the ongoing giveaway contest links here and what is the NFT project all about :smiley:


Hi @DKimura i saw that you were sharing some giveaways, feel free to share all the current and future giveaway campaigns or contests here :star_struck:


Crypto Games Community are giving away 500 NFTs to celebrate the launch enjin info page on their website

The Beamloot QR code is available on Cryptoandgamers group


Sure no prob. Let’s help each other out. I also miss out on a lot of promos and giveaways. People just lap up all those QRs and drops. Lol


Here’s my contribution for today. Alterverse is conducting a sale and they’re giving away easter eggs containing Enjin Multiverse items


MarbleCards giveaway for getting listed on CoinDreams