NFT Project Guides [Help needed]



I am working on collecting and compiling all the guides out there for all NFT projects. Really appreciate if you came across any and could share it below


These opensea docs seem very handy:


This seems to be a developer guide, i’m looking for long form articles explaning about an NFT Project. Can be anything from their progress to how to play and use or install


For Axie Infinity:


Awesome guides you have there, good reads for me to get started with Axies :+1:


Sorry to didn’t see your post earlier :confused:

Understanding the Chainbreakers project :

A guide to understand the colors edit in MyCryptoHeroes :

What are the NFT on EOS ?

What are the mechanics’ construction in MegaCryptoPolis ?

Some Trading Card Game on blockchain (in french, never had the time to translate it, sorry !) :

How to mine CHI to play Treat Fighter (XAYA blockchain) :

And I keep writing… ^^


Hi, we recently released a guide on our Battle Systems, check it out here:



More guides: