NFTGecko Forum Improvement Proposals



Since I have some experience with forums, I though I’d list a few things that I miss already from my first visit here and I believe would help make this great place even better!

So without further ado,

  1. First of all, a new discussion category related to the forums themselves would be useful to keep discussions like this one, other suggestions and maybe future drama between users away from the “General Discussions” category, keeping it NFT-focused.
  2. Please make the users’ links open in new tab by default. I tend to middle-click links which opens them in new tabs but I’m sure a lot of people don’t have that habit and opening a link in your current browsing tab is almost never the desired outcome.
  3. The forum rules return the error “Access Denied” ( Maybe this is an old link, in which case you’d like to edit this post: Welcome to NFT Gecko
  4. Is there any way to resize images? I tried a few things like putting width and size commands inside the brackets but it didn’t work. If there is no way to resize them, then maybe you should add one.
  5. I’m no sure how this one works, but I believe it’s probably not a good idea to not strip tags… or maybe you do in a Database level or a JavaScript level but not in the editor? In either case I wrapped the following withing span tags : I’m wrapped in HTML tags with font-weight style:bold
    Let’s see how it’ll be displayed!

That’s what I’ve though so far, maybe other forum users will think of something as well!


Hi RivAngE, i really appreciate your efforts in letting us know your feedback. We will try to improve as much as possible

At the moment we have an #off-topic category for Non-NFT related discussions, would that be sufficient in your opinion?

This is a really good feedback, we will explore on how we can do this

Thank you for noticing the error, i have requested the post owner to amend the link. At the mean time, here is the terms of service: Terms of Service (“Terms”)

At the moment this is not available, we will explore more on the editor for this


Thank you! And yes, the off-topic section is indeed fitting for now, I didn’t think of it initially. Thanks for pointing it out!


Hey @RivAngE! Thank you so much for your valuable feedbacks. TJ has already replied to you about what we’ll be working on following your comments, but I just wanted to say thanks for what you’ve suggested. Feel free to suggest anything else if you can think of it! :smile:


Hi @RivAngE, to your query #2:

There is a User preference option to open all external links in a new tab. To access it, click on your profile picture on the top right, then the Settings Icon, and to the bottom left of the menu there is Interface tab. Click on that and you will see this option to check and save.


There is a quick way to resize image. When you upload the image, it will appear in Markdown format ![alt-text|widthxheight](image_url)

You can edit the width and height directly or just put ,50% to resize it smaller by 50%.
So it will be ![alt-text|widthxheight,50%](image_url)
Let me know if you understand otherwise I will try to explain further with a better example.

Hope these solution make your forum experience here better :smiley:


Let me try…

Oh I see, it works in a bit strange way but I got it.
It requires an alt-text but it can be skipped by putting a | like that:


Glad that you managed to get your image resized! :smiley: